01 April 2013

False Nail Love

Boots False Nails Boots False Nails Boots False Nails 
Boots Perfect Finish Clear Nails - £8.50

False nails are nothing new, I've been wearing them on and off for a few years. I love that you can paint some awesome nail art on the Thursday night watching tv and have them ready to wear our Saturday night. I have also always had short nails, no amount of diet / supplements / nail care has ever helped them grow so I love that false nails give me long nails asap. I have had acrylics and gels before but prefer glue on as they are much more instant. I spend a lot of time in hospitals and practicals so nails or nail varnish is a big no no.

I have tried many types, the cheap ones you can get from eBay are awesome except I find them too thin and too long for my small natural nails. This set from Boots is a winner, 200 nails in 10 sizes, that includes extras of the most common sizes (6, 6.5 and 5). I find a set usually lasts me a week, my last set I cleaned out a fire, oven and collected wood and they didn't budge. This may also be down to the glue, my personal choice is Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue

Boots False Nails



  1. I've used these and done a review myself. I really love them and one pack lasts such a long time. Definitely worth the money!

    Jess @ditzyglamour

  2. i have such tiny nails these packs never work for me :( I really wish they did i loveee having different sets of them!! xx