08 April 2013

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Liner

collection extreme felt tip liner collection extreme felt tip liner

First things first, I really didn't like this. I love my eyeliner black and black, every day a cat liner flick adorns my eyes. I only ask two things of my liquid eye liner, be pigmented and last all day, especially a 12 hour shift. This isn't either. It comes out grey / black and is nice and easy to draw a line on with. The felt tip end is fine for precise lines. I popped it on in the morning with my normal eye shadow base but by lunch time it had creased and smudged. Boo. This was however free with a purchase from Collection in Superdrug so I am not too disappointed. I will have another go but think I'll stick to my trusty Seventeen Liner, but more on that another day. You my little Collection liner friend may find yourself living in my nail art kit, perfect for leopard print!

Basically, not a fan. There are much better cheap eye liners out there.


1 comment:

  1. I bought this recently and it's actually the first felt tip liner I've been impressed with! It's funny how products work differently for different people :) I will look forward to the Seventeen Liner review x