03 April 2013

Sweet Like Chocolate


I love chocolate, when I was little the two things I would eat were macaroni cheese and toblerone. I was a horrible child. I still love the scent. In step The Body Shop and my sister, she bought me a wee Chocomania set as part of my Christmas present and I was hooked. 

The body butter is pretty standard Body Shop however it does promise "48 hour feel good hydration" which I don't think the rest of their famous range do. I am always dubious of promises like this, but this does keep my legs feeling lovely and smooth . It is the body scrub which is the winner for me, I love exfoliating. I'm odd like that. I've tried some that are full of salt (Ted Baker, I'm looking at you) and some that just don't do anything. This scrub however smells divine - almost nutty, has a lovely texture of sugar works well to get rid of dead skin ready for moisturising or fake tan if I am feeling adventurous.

The lip butter is always in my handbag, it is not as heavy duty as my Nivea SOS or Carmex but is a fine the rest of the time. It doesn't taste of chocolate though, c'mon I wasn't the only one hoping. I love that LUSH's lip scrubs taste amazing, but then remember I am also eating my own dry skin. Yum. Last but not least is the shower cream. Now I usually buy the cheapest body wash in the supermarket, or anything on offer. Except for Snow Fairy but that's a once a year thing. So to become hooked to a shower cream that is more than £1 is something for me. It is lovely and moisturising, doesn't irritate my eczema prone areas and has the same scent. 

I have since bought another set from The Body Shop Outlet store at Cheshire Oaks, they offer 40% off RRP when you buy 3 or more items. They also gave us an extra 10% for having a Body Shop Love Your Body card. Basically I bought them for cheap. Would I pay full price? For the body scrub maybe. Then again they always seem to have offers on their website.


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