15 June 2013

Shop Your Stash. Really?


I have quite a lot of make up by normal standards, but hardly anything by a beauty blogger standard. I have my favourite foundation and favourite lippie, doesn't mean I ignore the rest of my "collection". I  have a lipstick in Vamp, far too dark for normal everyday wear but there it is. Say one night I decide to go for vampy lips and pull out this dark lipstick, does that mean I've been "shopping my stash?" NO I PULLED OUT A LIPSTICK FROM MY LIPSTICK DRAWER. (The offending lipstick is Vamp from Sleek)

The idea of Shop Your Stash is to use something you wouldn't usually do to create a whole new lot of make up for the week. Like going to Boots and buying some new make up. But it's not new. It's a Fearne Cotton pallette you got for Christmas that is shocking but this week you are going to add it to your make up rotation.

Now I'm quite a grumpy wee girl, I tend to ignore "holy grail" and "hyped" products, love a good empties / favourites  post (minus the cream blushes with hair in) but creating a post about using make up from your own make up drawer and call it "shopping" Erm. I'm not down with this one.