29 March 2013

Revlon Girly Nail Enamel

revlongirly  revlongirly

I couldn't resist buying this nail varnish, need to remember that I cannot fuel my car with nail varnish. I was going to spend my last week with false nails on before placement with bright neon pink. This is a bit more subtle; a lovely pink with blue, pink and purple bits of glitter, similar to the formula of Revlon's Scandalous / Facets of Fushia. I have only tried it on false nails which usually don't need as many coats as natural nails, took two or three coats to be completely opaque however that could be fixed by using a light pink as a base.

I love it! Perfect for Spring, when it stops snowing. I also want to try it with gradient tips on light pink nails. I bought this in Boots within the 3 for 2 offer, the swatch on the website doesn't show the glitter or how pretty it is. I love the formula of Revlon's nail colours, and this is no different. (Well all except a nude I have from them which takes around 12342 coats to be opaque)


26 March 2013

Oh, hi there.

So, hi there. How are you? Blah blah etc. I thought I needed to revive this thing, only even if it is to rid the top blog post being my ugly mug with no makeup on. Nice eh. What have I been doing? Well we moved from Manchester after I managed to get on to my dream university course, we now live near Huddersfield in a lovely cottage in a farm yard. Lovely until this week when my car has been snowed in for a week and the nearest shop is a dangerous 40 minute walk down hill. I am studying at Leeds Met university so have had to learn my way around quickly!

Due to the snow I have been stuck inside for far too long, also have watched a lot of Hart of Dixie and Nashville. It has also given me a chance to draft lots of blog posts to get me started on my road back to being a ~blogger~.