30 November 2011

Matalan Love

 Boots, £25
Hair Band, £2.50

My flat is right behind Matalan, which means I can't resist just popping in for a look. I'm currently on a strict budget so no buying, but still love to look much to the confusion of my boyfriend. The first two outfits are perfect for work, I love that my work dress code means I can just wear what I usually would. Nice dresses, tights and a cardigan are all fine. I was scared that it was going to be business business, i.e horrible black trousers and a shirt. 

Currently trying to keep on top of bills and get into a routine. Sitting in my freezing cold flat I haven't mastered the heating in the living room but could no longer sit in bed!

Zoey xox

20 November 2011

Photo Dump 13

- I have at last finished training and have now started my job for real. Hello 12-8pm shifts and every wednesday off. I have joined the gym with a friend in order to try and do something more than get home from work, clean, tidy, watch crap on tv then go to bed.
- Meet Bumblebean, we decided to get a little pet to keep us company. He's only little and not very tame but is very cute.
- The second bedroom has turned into my walk in mess. I really need to have a massive makeup and clothes sort out, it is now out of control. Now I'm not leaving the house at 8.30am every morning I have more time to actually put the 10 dresses I try on every morning back in the wardrobe.
- Manchester is cold and it is only going to get worse. Spotted these cute gloves in Tesco for £5 and had to buy them. Sporting the Boots 17 Magnetize nail varnish here, I have since lost the magnet. It must be somewhere, I'm just not sure where.

- I also went to see Claire last weekend as she was in Manchester. Need to pay a trip over the Irish Sea soon and go see her lovely face. The photo has been shamelessly stolen from Claire's facebook, she does after all have a much better camera than my phone.

07 November 2011

Love Bad Passion

I needed a cheering up purchase a few weeks ago before I moved to Manchester and this wonderful Skull Bracelet from "Bad Passion" was perfect. Bad Passion is a relatively new jewellery company from the same lovely lady as "This Charming Girl". Lovely packaging, quick delivery and things that you are not going to find in Topshop or Primark. I need this Eagle Claw necklace in my life!

Zoey xox

06 November 2011

Photo Dump 12

Nails Nails Nails!

1. Models Own Sophie's Pink and Nail Art Pen
2. Collection of Halloween nails, I took these while drunk and most of them fell of during the night as I also applied them drunk hence no good photographs! But they were fun for the night.
3. Leopard Nails! Following the steps from my tutorial on Scarlet Pout!
4. Models Own Misty Grey with Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch over the top.
5. Rimmel's Disco Ball is identical to the Miss Sporty one but Miss Sporty's version is  £1 cheaper. I have bought a few Miss Sporty nail varnishes now and am very impressed. The black in the Halloween nails is Miss Sporty, two coats and it was perfectly opaque!

We now have internet in the flat! Still searching for my camera battery but looks like I will just have to buy a new one!

Zoey xox