04 April 2013

When I grow up

Taken from a book my school contributed to when I was 8! They kept our own versions of spelling

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." C.S Lewis

 I never knew what I wanted to do when I was growing up. When I was 8 years old I liked animals and my mum was a vet so I wanted to be a veterinary nurse. As I grew up a few awful science and maths teachers made me despise the subject, I hated plants and photosynthesis and still don't understand quadratic equations. Fast forward to college, I took A Levels in English, ICT and Politics. I enjoyed Politics and a college trip to Washington DC turned my enjoyment into love so I went to do a Politics degree. Careers advice at my college was useless, basically we were told if you didn't go do a degree you were stuck in retail. I already had a part time job at Claire's which I liked but didn't want to do that forever. 

Turns out a Politics degree was not for me, I hated political theory for one. I was run down, tired, suffered from illnesses constantly and ended up having my tonsils out. I restarted a year, still couldn't do it. Instead threw myself into work at the student's union shop and a local night club. Eventually it was time to leave my university town, I moved to Manchester with my boyfriend and got a generic call centre job which I hated. I moved back to retail which I knew I was good at, but hated. I liked people, I loved making sure they left happy. Working for a big supermarket doesn't let you do this.

The final straw was one Sunday I was left alone, as a "team leader in training" as a kind of test. A serious accident happened in the cafe and a member of staff was left badly bleeding, I immediately did not give a crap about the till queues and instead helped with the situation. The next day I was called in to discuss my "behaviour". Turns out helping a member of staff not bleed to death and then comfort your staff members that were basically suffering from shock is not how you run a successful business. I'd go home in tears every night, getting paid £6.86 an hour to spend your life in tears is not the one. I had to keep going, bills to pay rent to pay. Until I cracked.

I knew what I wanted to do, nursing. I'd known for a while but was too scared to embark on another degree after already failing one. I spoke to my mum who encouraged me to do what I want, I wrote a personal statement and at 7am on the morning of clearing I started ringing round universities. By 10am I had an interview the next day. By the next Tuesday I had a place on an Adult Nursing course in Leeds. We lived in Manchester, I suddenly had to hand my notice in. Everything went a bid mad. 

Over 6 months in to my first year I am in love, I have completely made the right decision. I won't discuss too much of my course on this blog, it's hard work but I know it will be worth it in the end. I finish 12 hour shifts on placement happy. I love helping a patient get washed, fed, dressed, washing their hair and making them comfortable in bed. All those who say we are too posh to wash can frankly do one. 

All I wanted to do when I was little was to grow up (I told people I wanted to be tall when I was older, didn't happen) but now I have rent and bills to pay? I hate being a grown up



  1. Great post. A similar sort of thing happened to me; you realise you're never too old to learn and never too stuck in a situation to get into a happy one.

    Adults suck.. then you are one.

  2. Great post! I'm actually at the point in my life when I have to decide what to do next and I have absolutely no idea which is very scary. I always forget I actally have time for mistakes and starting again :)x