30 April 2013

Seventeen Wet Look Lacquer Eye Liner

Seventeen Liquid Eyeliner Seventeen Liquid Eyeliner   Seventeen Liquid Eyeliner Seventeen Liquid Eyeliner
Seventeen Liquid Eyeliner

I love black eye liner, I feel a little naked without a quick cats flick on my eyes. I love my eye liner to be black, pigmented and have lasting power. Oh and cost under a tenner because I am forever losing them. This  one from 17 at Boots is only £3.99 and I am actually now on my third pot! It has a thin flexible brush end, I don't like felt tip liners as I find they constantly dry out. This is perfect as an every day eye liner, but due to my lid shape I find if worn over metallic eye shadow on a night out it does pick up the glitter and become less black. But that is my only bad point and that is down to me and not the product. It's not you, it's me and all that. 

So £3.99 for a wonderful little liquid eye liner, excuse my messy eyebrows in the photos below but I promise they have now been plucked and waxed back into shape!

Seventeen Liquid Eyeliner

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