03 January 2014

Beauty Budget Challenge

It turns out I, like so many, are spending far too much money on beauty products I really don't need. Some are gifts but my biggest downfall is succumbing to the 3 for 2 offers in Supermarkets and Boots. They can be good ways to spend money but instead of just buying one pot of something I end up with 3 and have quickly spent double the original amount. It sounds thrifty but I am just stockpiling body butters and blushers with no end in sight. A Thrifty Mrs started a 1 year / £100 Beauty Challenge and I have decided to start something similar. I however have not set a limit but some slightly different rules for myself.

No buying anything new
I have shower gel everywhere, I may have even placed a cheeky Boxing Day Lush order which is yet to arrive. No buying shower gel I use all of this up. No more dry shampoo until I use the 4 bottles I have. You get the idea. Try and clear out my cupboards and boxes. This also means no new foundation until I use up my stash, this is the hardest bit for me as I've just found my perfect match in NW13 from MAC but still have a fair few numbers of foundations that will do just as well in the mean time. 

Stop with the expensive products I don't need
The problem with reading many many beauty bloggers is you start to feel like you need all these £30+ fancy potions and creams. Except they on the whole don't pay for all these potions and creams. It is unattainable to keep up with all the products that have fallen in their laps / onto desks. (A post on this another time). I know what works for my skin, I know a cream isn't going to remove my scars over night. 

No more nail varnishes / eye shadows / blushers
I have plenty of all these products, I do not need any more. I've had a huge clear out of nail varnish that had gone all gloopy. I cannot wear nail varnish most of the time due to placement so it is a waste of money.

I know I know, that monthly post that so many beauty bloggers do but if will keep me going throughout the year. 

In summary, stop wasting money on beauty products I do not need. Wish me luck!


  1. Gotta say, I love the way you store and display your products! Good luck with the challenge.

  2. I completely agree with all of this! I have SO many products, I do not need any more beauty products for a long while yet. I have more beauty products/shower gels etc than I need, yet I still buy more things! x

  3. This sounds like a great idea ... I started doing the "don't buy until you've used up what you have". I had a Chanel shower gel sitting in my drawer for about three years because I was saving it (for what?!) which I have now been forced to use!

  4. Love this post. I am so glad that I'm not the only one who has come to the same conclusion. It's time for me to use what I have and buy new things later!

  5. great post you have inspired me, i have a ton of soap and glory stuff which i don't use, i really should start using the lovely moisturiser! then theres the ton of shower gel you get off oldies for xmas. great post love. xxx ps new blog ktbdoes.blogspot.com