31 May 2011

Heart Throb

♥ I have an obsession with hearts, I often find myself typing "heart" into the search fields of Topshop and ASOS. The heart shoes were bought from Topshop about 2 summers ago and were worn to death, still don't think they have been thrown away instead are in one of many boxes back at home. My tattoo is not an emo esque tattoo as a boy once asked me, instead it is the engraving from a bangle my grandmother was given for her 21st birthday. 

♥ I really want to grasp heart nail art, it doesn't help my nails are so short that I have nothing to work with. I love this and this

♥ Should be revising, it's not happening. I have about 12 tabs on google chrome open, one of which being facebook and another an episode of 24. I just cannot concentrate.

Zoey xox

29 May 2011

Photo Dump 04

→ Exam and car stress do not go together. They have reduced the visitor parking on campus dramatically meaning you can never find a space and even when you do the machines just don't work. I would use the bus but usually finish work at 12.15am missing the last bus so not going to pay to keep my car running and buy a bus pass. Woe is me. But I have taken to writing Security little notes left on my dashboard. Not yet been clamped!

→ My nails grew back but then broke three at work. They are just not meant to be long. I am in love with 17 Supreme Shine Nail Colour from Boots. The green shade is "Wave", the leopard spots are Models Own "Lilac Dream" and the Claire's Accessories nail art pen. I actually prefer the Claire's pen to the Models Own one and it is cheaper! The leopard didn't last long so had a go at the "aztec" nail art that is around tumblr currently, I have alot of practising to do. No where near as awesome as Charlene's nails

→ Another Claire's purchase was a silver crackle top coat which is lovely over Models Own 'Tickled Pink'. I am a massive fan of Seche Vite but haven't had money in paypal recently to re-buy it from ebay so went to Boot's and found they sold it and "Save the Nail 45 Second Top Coat" which was only a couple of quid cheaper but I was intrigued. It doesn't dry as quickly as Seche Vite, though nails are touchable within 60 seconds. It also doesn't leave nails as shiny but doesn't seem to make the nails peel as quickly as Seche Vite. Neither of the top coats, however, make my nail polish stay on for a whole shift at work. Currently just giving my nails a rest.

→ Work has taken over my life, there was a foam party on friday and a beach party tonight means "beach attire" for work, except I have none up here at all. Flowers in the my hair will have to do! I actually quite like the "flowers in your hair" look, so will be wearing this Asda number a few times. The big gold earrings were bought for 'toga' fancy dress but had them in daily. Having stretched ears for many years means it is hard to wear heavier earrings without having strange stretched lobes so always have to wear a normal stud too! 

→ I need to stop running around like a mad woman and just stop, I have work again at 11pm tonight so about to curl up in bed and have an awesome nap. I know Vitamin Water is probably not that full of vitamins but I love the taste! Makes a change from grabbing a can of coke when I'm out and about.

→ These are some of the dresses I tried on in H&M the other day. No idea why I even picked up the first one, it does nothing for me I think I just liked the colour. 

Zoey xox

28 May 2011

Hands to the sky and throw your head back

- I do enjoy a good shopping trip, I had a tiny bit of money to spend so went to Primark in Preston to pick up some bits and pieces. Also found myself in H&M trying on maxi dresses and eventually Lush. I have no restraint. I decided to forego driving and get to the train down to Preston which was a nice change from getting angry on the M6.

- The necklace was £1 in Primark, I hardly wear any necklaces at the minute but couldn't resist a bird necklace. The leopard scarf is clearly a rip of the Louis Vuitton one, I have found a few dupes for it on ebay but am always wary of ordering from the other side of the world so have settled for this Primark number. It is massive so lovely for the very British weather we are currently enduring. Please summer, come back. The bag looks a little cheap in the flesh but I couldn't resist the fringing, makes a nice change from lugging my River Island satchel around which is full of stuff I really do not need.

- At 5ft 2 and a half I didn't think I'd ever buy a maxi length dress but caved to this dress from H&M it's a tiny bit big but with a belt and a big knitted cardigan I'm set in this horrible April weather. 

- These two were quickly bought from the New Look sale yesterday on my way home from work, not even tried them on yet but New Look's sale is currently only exchange only so hopefully they will fit, randomly grabbed them both in a size bigger as they just looked so tiny on the rack in my usual size. Living with a boyfriend who eats constantly and stays skinny is doing nothing for my hips. They were around £7 or £8 each, my wardrobe up here is lacking simple tunic dresses I can put on for work or just to.. well I currently only get dressed to go to work or an exam!

- I also picked up a shirt from Primark which literally hangs off me, hoping that with a belt or worn with bare legs and massive heels it will look okay. 

Zoey xox

PS Currently addicted to Calvin Harris featuring Kelis - Bounce. Working in a night club is seriously changing my taste in music!

27 May 2011

Review Me

I currently only seem to shop in supermarkets, though I did sneak in a quick visit to Primark in Preston yesterday hence the Lush product. But it means I keep buying bits I really don't need, I have an endless supply of shampoo and conditioner as I keep stocking up on offers.

- Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Oil Free Day Cream. Wow that is a mouthful. I have an endless collection of moisturisors, trying to find something for my dry / oily / blemish prone skin is a nightmare. But this I love and almost replaces my much loved No 7 tinted moisturiser. It has no perfume smell, it feels fresh and cold on your skin when applied - perfect for early mornings. It actually does get rid of shine and is just an all round good simple product. It's not going to give you a flawless complexion overnight but it is £3.99 and it does exactly what it says it does.
- Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream. This is awful, I could have used many swear words there but didn't. The idea is that you apply the cream before stepping in the shower, leave it on for 3-6 minutes then rinse off with the handy little sponge inside. Simple? Yes. Does it work? No. It does state that you need to try and "avoid exposing parts of the body covered with cream to the direct stream of the shower within the first two minutes". Now I did follow these ridiculous instructions, in fact I stood the other end of the bath while the shower ran for two minutes but even after this time the slightest contact with water the cream just ran off. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Even left on my legs for the full 6 minutes out of the shower it did an equally bad job at actually removing the hair on my legs - I had to shave them after anyway. All round a waste of £5, and it should have been £10 in Sainsbury's.
- Andrew Barton The Straight Answer Heat Protection Spray I usually use the Lee Stafford heat protect spray on my hair but not had time to run to Boot's so this seemed like a good alternative. It does the job, it smells lush but doesn't leave my hair as nice and smooth as the Lee Stafford one.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter -  Now my poor nails are an ongoing saga. I've started taking some vitamin supplements to try and improve them but my cuticles are still suffering. I've tried a few hand creams but this is wonderful. The scent is very lemony, no surprise there. It is a strange texture, it feels as if it should be a scrub but it goes on nice and smooth. I've been putting it on every night and my cuticles are definitely improving! It also leaves your nails nice and shiny!

Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara - Now I did take picture of before, the length mascara and the volume mascara on but technology is completely against me. I love the Bourjois Volumizer mascara which has the same idea however at £10 a tube not as purse friendly as this Rimmel version which I bought for £5.99 in work. The two stage system does work and you end up with nice full lashes. However they are a bit clumpy and have found I've had to retouch my mascara a few time during the day. Next on my mascara wish list is the Models Own Volumiser Mascara thanks to Claire's recommendation

I managed to pick up more creams and potions in Sainsbury's tonight when I went for some milk. I am useless.

Zoey xox

23 May 2011

Photo Dump 03

So exams have taken over my life as well as a never ending dissertation, this has been a hard last couple of years. Hopefully the light at the end is near, I remind myself daily that soon I will have somewhere to live and a steady job. Please.

When my nails are 'natural' you can tell life is stressful. They have been painted three times in the past two weeks and I promptly peeled these off. I am just so glad I have a wonderful boyfriend who makes sure I eat actual meals rather than just snacks.

- Someone had left a daisy pushed into the keyboard in one of the shops computers, cheered me up during a horrible stock take. I can't believe this job is drawing to a close, I have worked for the student unions shops for 4 years now. So many staff have come and gone and it is actually where I met my boyfriend although he no longer works there. 

- Nails! My poor nails have been neglected, I split my thumb nail on Saturday night on a WKD bottle cap. Ow is all I have to say on the matter. My Models Own / Wah Nails pen has completely dried out due to me being incapable of putting the pin back in the top so the leopard print was done with a Rimmel liquid eye-liner. Models Own Bubblegum pink base with a pale yellow from Rimmel for the spots. I attempted ombre nails 
one night at 5am, I didn't mix enough of the colours so didn't have a thick enough coat on any of the nails.

- My first nakd bar was a big disappointment, it just tasted of horrible artificial mint. I decided to try one again and was pleasantly surprised, I now can't stop buying the Cashew Cookie one which is awesome. 

- Revision and dissertation has been broken up with tiny shopping trips and watching of trash television. Made In Chelsea is just awful and I love my trash. Jersey Shore, The Hills, TOWIE... All favourites of mine. Made In Chelsea is just beyond fake and made up. I know girls like this exist so why not just follow their real lives? I do realise The Hills and TOWIE make up situations too but at least some of the cast are actually likeable. 

- Speaking of little shopping trips, in the past year the shop has got a small Rimmel stand which is very useful for when you need some eye-liner when stuck on campus. Not good for my bank balance when I am in work and eyeing up my next nail varnish. I needed cheering up on Saturday and opted for the new Day 2 Night mascara which I already love, but more on that later this week. 

Zoey xox

22 May 2011

That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen

Oh routine, how I want you. I'm surviving on 5 hours sleep a night and naps. The mixture of two jobs and exams is not a pretty one.

As previously discussed I spend my life in black work tshirts, in my retail job this is fine over dresses and pretty skirts. However behind a bar jeans or black skirts are best. I usually wear black body-con jobs with leggings. I am on the search for a short black skirt with pockets, but I am far too fussy to find anything I like. My part time bar job has turned into a more permanent one after I have finished my exams, gaining club management experience and all that goes with it so will be forever looking for a practical black skirt.

I do find myself searching daily on Topshop, Miss Selfridge and ASOS for this illusive skirt but instead find many others I want.

The ASOS one looks horrible and cheap as most of there clothes do but is exactly what I am looking for. Although the Miss Selfridge one ticks all the boxes too. The rest are skirts I keep imagining outfits for. The Floral number from Topshop I can see with a nice big tshirt and sandals for summer, but my exam diet of crap has made my hips expand. I did attempt a run the other day, managed near 2 miles but almost died. So horribly unfit. 

I keep online window shopping, I actually have money in my account at the end of the week for once but I seem to be turning into an adult and thinking of flat deposits and furniture. What happened to the party girl? Exams do finish soon however and I know exactly what I will be buying first, a bottle of Lamb's Spiced Rum. I think I might have actually found a replacement for the much missed orginal Sailor Jerry's Rum.

PS Actually writing this at 5.40am, just got in from work and cannot sleep. So Mean Girls it is. 
Zoey xox

16 May 2011

No headbands in College, okay?

I love Gossip Girl, I really do. The impossible lives, the amazing wardrobes and Blair's headbands. Or hairbands, I am never quite sure. My grandma referred to them as Alice Bands. Dan Humphrey does take it upon himself to tell Blair "No more headbands in College" as shown in this gif.

I am 22 and still wear hair accessories pretty much every day. Be it a bow pinned to the side of a messy up bun or a hairband to cover up two days of unwashed hair. They are fun to wear for work where my hair needs to be tied up. I do not have Blair Waldorf's budget however, I occasionally find my self looking at £400 headbands and then realising that is rent for a month. A girl can dream! I love flowers in my hair for summer and black lace numbers in winter, mostly bought from Primark, Asda and Matalan. My budget does not stretch to even Topshop, maybe a Topshop sale. 

The first River Island hairband looks ridiculous on the model, but looks would be fun to wear. Of course the Valentino one is never going to be mine but I love simple classic hairbands, makes the days when my hair is full of dry shampoo and sambuca a bit more manageable when shoved in a messy bun. I love the wire hairbands that are all over the highstreet currently, my favourite is actually a big 'black silk'one from Sainsbury's. However in most that I have bought the stitching has come loose and the wire has started to poke out from the end. Not a good look. 

Floral one from Matalan and the lace one from Asda. It was inevitable the wire would come out in the lace hairband as there are holes in it. The Matalan one is just badly made, oh disposable fashion.

Zoey xox

13 May 2011

Trophy Eyes

False eyelashes are never something I will wear on a daily basis or for just popping down the pub. But big black falsies can instantly make your eyes look more awake and your makeup more dramatic. Where do you draw the line however? When you've started looking like something from The Only Way Is Essex? My personal favourite lashes are the cheap ones from Body Care, if they cost £2 it does not matter when my boyfriend throws them away then. I would never pay £8 upwards for a pair of lashes, mainly because when I get in drunk I tend to rip them off my eyes. Last saturday morning I found a lovely pair with a gold trim shoved in my heels. No idea.

When not purchasing £2 lashes from Body Care I usually go for Stargazer lashes which are sold in most New Look stores if I want something a bit out there or Eylure lashes, especially the Girls Aloud ones that are loved everywhere. I would actually wear the Shu Uemura lashes pictured first but would be so scared of damaging them or losing them. The Paperself lashes are actually beautiful, can imagine them with pale lips, minimal blusher,matte foundation and a neat line of liquid eyeliner. 

When pulling out eyelashes to go out the first question I get asked by none false eye lash wearers is how on earth do you put them on? Good glue is the first step. I do like the cheap clear glues you get free with cheapy nails but although lashes are easier to put on with it they don't last all night. My favourite is the Revlon Lash Adhesive. I usually make sure I have one of the smaller glues that comes free with Eylure lashes as they are resealable and small enough to put in a bag to take out! Must also make sure you are putting your eyelashes on pre vodka. Many a time I have either messed them up completly and had to restart my whole eye makeup or just glued them to my eyebrow. Not a good look. The easiest method to put them on is to look down into a mirror and make sure you hold the lashes on long enough for the glue to stick. No tweezers for me, usually because I have been on the gin before I apply lashes and I'll just end up poking myself in the eye.

Oh and yes the blog title is a You Me At Six song.

Zoey xox

09 May 2011

Bedroom Dancing

001 My room at home will always be my favourite, until I was 16 I lived in the box room of my house. Then my parents decided to build an extension with the original intention of splitting my room in two, it never happened. It was just nice to have a big room for once, with proper storage.
002 I had never moved house until I moved away to go to university in Lancaster. Now after spending summers up here in peoples spare rooms, flats and sofas I have lived in 10 different rooms in the past 4 or 5 years, no where has really felt like home. Halls especially felt this way, every room is identical and each year a new group move into "your room".
003 My favourite student house had to be the one with my attic bedroom, the view was right across Morecambe Bay and on a good day you could see Blackpool Tower. Just having one room that is yours in a house means it becomes the place you watch television, the place you have friends over, where you do work and where you sleep. I literally cannot wait to have a flat and to have a living room. Simple things. Not sure how we will ever afford one!

Credit 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 -07 -08

004 After watching Linkin Park on cribs I fell in love with Chester Bennington's house and the massive gothic wings above his marital bed. The wings were worn by his wife when they got married on Halloween. (How can I remember things like this but can't remember anything useful?) But I do love the idea of a massive pair of wings above the bed. Over the years I have put wings that have been worn for fancy dress but it is not quite the same. Wings from Etsy - White Feather Wings,
005 'Fuck Yeah' tumblrs are my favourite, especially the nail art one. They are the perfect place to find inspiration, even for bedrooms. I love all the white and clutter free rooms but I am so messy that they would never stay that way for long.

Now I don't know where I'll be living come July, maybe in someone's flat for the summer but I hope I have a flat or somewhere that I can call home for at least the next year. Maybe, just maybe.

Zoey xox

Photo Dump 002

- I really should start writing blogs, perhaps I will have time after June 10th when University is hopefully done forever. It doesn't help that I am currently sharing my laptop with my boyfriend
- I have spent most of the week at work, my first job is in the Student's Union shops on campus which means I am surrounded by booze and chocolate. Woe is my life. We still have creme eggs from Easter, any other retail losers who have memorised the code? In my defence it never changes and I have worked in retail since I was 16.
- The being surrounded by booze meant after a horrible shift on monday, 3pm-midnight on a bank holiday, we decided to quickly get ready and go off into town. Why not! There are pictures on my phone but they are too horrific for anywhere other than facebook. I put a fishbowl up my top and seemed to be very proud of this. 
- My new favourite theme for my Blackberry is the Screen Muncher one which can be found in the App World. I was amused by it for the first few days as mainly when you select the menu and then the profiles icon it 'munches' the screen. On friday I discovered when setting the wallpaper to drunk photos that these go inside the monsters mouth. Oh easily amused.
- Again, you can tell it has been a busy week when my nails have only been one colour. These were only painted to go out on friday, Rimmel Grey for the base, Models Own Bubblegum for the pink bits and Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner for the lines. Of course Seche Vite over the top.
- As I write this there is an empty pizza box in the corner of the room which I bought home last night after a naughty few drinks in Revolution, however I have tried to eat better as usual. I love Greek Yoghurt and used to always buy the 0% Total Greek Yoghurt and put lots of honey in them or even better Special K but then I spied this when grabbing my lunch in work yesterday. Greek Yoghurt with Honey already done! The pistachios were bought by the boyfriend and I but we managed to eat a huge bag in one sitting, they are a healthy snack in proportion but probably not a whole bag!

I need a life

Zoey xox

07 May 2011

Ivy Sullivan / Gillian Zinser

90210 and Gossip Girl are two programs that I watch every week without fail, much to my boyfriends annoyance. He does tell me watching so many programs about rich teenagers is giving me issues and making me more down about our current financial situation but I disagree. Ivy in 90210 is not my favourite characater, even with her pot smoking and mother who sleeps with her best friend / boy she loses her virginity to. Oh teenage dramas.

Photos: 01 02 03 04

However if I was as leggy as her I would also live in cut off denim shorts and floaty kaftan like tops every day. I love her beach blonde hair and love of friendship bracelets. I love the hippie festival vibe - as does everyone at Coachella, love everyone of the outfits on the Topshop Inside Out Blog.

Miss Selfridge Cream Kaftan Top £75
Miss Selfridge Peach Jacket £55
Miss Selfridge Straw Hat £18
Diane von Furstenber Silk Turban £40

The New Look trousers are much nice in real life, the New Look website is not perfect for taking screen shots from! My hair band love has not yet stretched to turbans, even though they are so last year. Or this year, not sure. But the print on the Diane von Furstenber silk turban is lovely. The Miss Selfridge Peach Jacket has a lace back, which is the kind of detail I love. Anything with a cut out or lace back has to be mine.

Now bring back the beautiful weather please so I can get my recently fake tanned legs out, though not in tiny shorts. 

Zoey xox