22 August 2011

Photo Dump 09

- WORK WORK COCKTAILS WORK WORK. Basically my life. I have basically eaten one meal that didn't come in ready meal form in weeks, wonderful vegetable stir fry. I am so dull. I haven't even painted my nails in week. Still waiting for the Model's Own sale to start!

- Would love a life back, but soon normality should come back. One job, a flat and a life. PLEASE.

Zoey xox

20 August 2011

Wishful Thinking

- I really want to try BB Creams, MACs is already on the market but I have already tried Garnier's BB Cream and am still trying to get the best out of it. What are they? They help "even skin tone and create a natural, naked finish". Perfect!
- Stila's foundation just looks amazing. Simple
- After borrowing my friends Urban Decay eyeliners I remembered my love for coloured eye liner. Currently using 17 at Boot's version but they just don't have the staying power of Urban Decay's.
- Even though I have thick dark brown hair and dark eyes my eyebrows just decided to be different. I pencil them in every day (GOSH's eyebrow kit is perfect for this!) I have heard that Rapidlash can also help eyebrows. For now I will just carry on colouring them in. I actually feel naked without my eyebrows "did".

I am again on a makeup buying ban. I have far too much! However I have already filled my Model's Own basket waiting for the 50% Sale to start!

Zoey xox

18 August 2011

Pink Pink Pink

I really have an obsession with the colour pink. I was stupidly excited by the fact my new T-Mobile dongle was bright pink. So a post with lots of pink items that I love! I am actually very impressed by mobile broadband. I have gone for a pay as you go option, you can easily keep track of your data usage in a little program that comes with the cute usb stick!

Lipstick Print Choolips at ASOS Dress

I am on a shopping ban (except things I obviously need like USB dongles) but really want to try Sleek makeup. The pout paints have had so many good reviews on many beauty blogs. My rubbish tiny Superdrug does not sell Sleek however (my Boots doesn't even sell Models Own!) and I don't like ordering makeup of the internet usually. I also need the lips dress in my life, at £75 though I will never be buying it. That is a weeks rent!

Good Luck to all those who are or know someone getting their A Levels Results today. We are having a massive A Levels Results Party in work tonight.. until 6am. Oh lord, Drunk 18 year olds.

Zoey xox

17 August 2011

Smoothie Addict

- I am currently addicted to smoothies. Just bought a £5 hand blender from Asda and am putting together random assortments every morning. Current favourite is banana, strawberry and kiwi. Nomm.

- I actually have no internet, well I occasionally can get wireless but it took me around 15 minutes to upload this one photo. No really. Hopefully this will be sorted soon either with a wonderful Orange Dongle or an official move into a real grown up flat.

- After a lovely mention by Claire and a mention on Tesco's LifeStyled blog I have had a few more followers, thank you to both! Hello lovely new people. I will be back soon, there are a few blogs up and written just waiting for proper internet to upload the photos! These include a massive ELF review, my new hair and a wonderful gin cocktail.

Zoey xox

06 August 2011

Night Birds

- New Look Playsuit
- Primark / H&M bracelets.
- Models Own Nail varnishes

This is my new favourite item of clothing. Perfect to wear during the day and could be easily dressed up with massive heels and bare legs for a night out. All for £15 from New Look. Currently trying to struggle my way through a work weekend of hell, sleep sleep sleep.

Zoey xox

05 August 2011

Teenage Dirtbag

This is really what is in my bag when I got back from work monday afternoon. A few of these have popped up recently on my google reader, the oldest blogger cliche I'm sure but it is fun for nosey people like me! It isn't lovely laid out selection of high end electricals and wonderful MAC products but you have http://fuckyeahwhatsinyourbag.tumblr.com/ for that.

Make up, medication, work fliers, stolen menus, two purses, hair dye, dry shampoo, hair bands, macaroni cheese, paper...

A second review of ELF makeup is on its way, my makeup bag is slowly being filled up with their products. So cheap and do the job. I obviously don't usually carry hair dye and bleach around with me but this is after a trip to Asda, hence the macaroni cheese! The bleach was in fact to attempt red ends. I'm pretty happy with the result! I currently have no internet, stealing wifi from somewhere but it isn't very reliable so this post has actually taken me 2 hours to even try and post!

Zoey xox