11 February 2012

No 7 Beautiful Skin

I ended up in Boots the other day trying to kill some time, was 30 minutes early for work so seemed like a good idea. They had little starter packs for £5 of their new Beautiful Skin range from No7. I picked up the Normal / Oily one which included the Cleansing Water, Day Cream & Night Cream.

I've been using the range for a week now so thought I would give my take on the range, my skin is blemish prone, with an oily t-zone and dry cheeks and nose for reference.

Cleansing Water - I never use makeup remover.. I know I know, a beauty sin. I use skin care wipes and then a foam soap / cleanser. I was horrified to see how much makeup the Cleansing Water actually removed! Would I pay £9 it though? I'm a stingy bugger. But the kit came with a £5 off voucher so if this can be combined with the current 3 for 2 on No7 I will probably pick it up.

Day Cream - I am constantly on the search for a cream that both helps with my dry cheeks but controls my oily forehead. This does both, but could be a little more moisturising on my cheeks but still leaves a lovely base for makeup. My skin is however getting drier by the day due to working in a freezing cold supermarket so might pick up the Normal / Dry Skin Day Cream with the voucher.

Night Cream - Now, I never wear a night cream. Maybe I should start as I am turning 24 this summer so surely I am meant to start tackling wrinkles soon. It is lovely on my forehead and everywhere else I am not prone to spots. It does promise to be a "non pore blocking moisture cream" but it doesn't seem to be doing my acne any favours.

I did however test the No 7 BB Cream which might be amazing, it was pale and went on my skin so nicely.. but as I don't get on with BB Creams I may give that a miss.


  1. I bought the Foaming Cleanser from this range I really like it:):) xxx

  2. I've never tried this range, but maybe I should to tackle my oily skin xxx

  3. I LOVE this stuff, smells GORGEOUS!

    Btw, don't forget to enter your details to win the lingerie set on my last blog post you commented on :D xx

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  5. These are some of the products that help keep our skin healthy and glowing. But one must remember that we have different skin types; meaning, this may work for you but this may not work for another person. Plus, it is best to know your skin type first before using any skin care products to avoid having any skin problems and to achieve better results.

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  6. Every time I go abroad, I always see to it that I buy my wife her beauty products, especially the night cream. She makes sure that she applies it on her face before we go to sleep. I know she really needs these products to fight those signs of aging that begin to appear around this time as she has reached her late 30s.

    Jacinto Hukle

  7. @Jacinto, looks like we really love our wives for spoiling them with beauty products! :) I’m also do the same, and you know what? Because of that, I learned a lot about these products; from lotions, creams, even down to beauty soaps and body moisturizers. Haha! Well, those products are indeed effective. My wife is still beautiful as ever!

    Dennis Rode

  8. Pampering one’s skin with all these beauty products is also a good and simple way of unwinding from all the stress, right? Anyway, one thing’s for sure though, enough sleep should never be overlooked, so you can have a glowing and healthy skin.

    Judith Arends