25 September 2011

Photo Dump 10

- I'm moving out of Halls in 3 days, just as all the new freshers turn up. Walking away from two jobs I love and going to start a new life in Manchester. Moving back in with my boyfriend will hopefully mean eating better, however nothing beats eating macaroni cheese after drinking a 100 too many gins. Sleeping on a bed outside the porters, lying on the floor outside takeaways. Anyone reading this who has just started University I say have the most fun you can have, work hard and play hard. 
- Currently addicted to Graze boxes. Oh I'm so late too the party but they are awesome
- Also in love with Max Factor's Xperience Foundation in Light Ivory. It matches my pale skin, gives good coverage and makes my skin look perfect!

Zoey xox

Ps Also have done a little guest post featuring ELF over on Claire's blog, French For Cupcake :)

24 September 2011

The Future is Pink

- Primark cardigan
- Asda's Tickled Pink campaign. Pink butter, pink cheese!
- George at Asda dress, stamp from last night
- Fake pink nails worn around 3 times now. 

 A proper post will hopefully go up soon, relying on a dongle for internet and a blackberry for a camera will soon be over. Thursday night a nice meal turned into a drunken mess, tried to climb up a slide and have now twisted my knee so today shall be spent in bed moaning.

Zoey xox

18 September 2011

Boots 17 Crackle Top Coat Review

Yes, I know crackle top coats are so over. But then again I'm sure I read ombre hair and nail art are both completely over yet still loved by many. I needed some new powder and as there is a 3 for 2 on Boots on all make-up I decided to give the 17 Crackle Top Coat a revisit. I bought the "gold" top coat back in April and wasn't the biggest fan. It doesn't crackle that well compared to both Barry M and Models Own. A coat slightly too thin leaves a streaky finish but too thick and it leaves the nail almost completely covered. Even using heat, i.e. blowing on your nails, doesn't seem to help.

They have added two new shades, a purple and this black with gold specks of glitter in. I thought it would be fun over a gold base. Which it is, just it doesn't show as much as the base colour as Models Own Smash up does. However the newer black and gold variety does work better than the older gold one. Maybe I just had a dud bottle?!

But yes, a bit of fun. Only £3.99 a bottle and included in the Boots 3 for 2. The pink base colour is also from 17, Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Pink Grapefruit which goes on wonderfully and dries nice and quickly!

Zoey xox

15 September 2011

Bloo Boo

Primark Bag / New Look Skirt / Monster Addiction / Models Own BlooBoo and Feeling Blue 

- So second attempt at posting this blog, the image host went mad and didn't upload the photos correctly but showed them up on my laptop fine. Oh technology. The bag and skirt were slight impulse purchases when I had a few hours to kill in Manchester the other week. The bag I love, it is massive and add some much needed colour to my mostly black wardrobe. The skirt I love in principle, I can see it being worn with a black body scoop neck top and massive stripper-esque heels on a night out. Except I barely go out, when I do it's all about flat shoes and simple dresses.

- The nails started out as a copy of Charlene's amazing nails. (Seriously, I am addicted to her amazing nail art and think everyone should take a look at Dainty Nails so they can have some of their own!) but my Model's Own Nail Art Pen died, well is leaking everywhere so was hard to control. Only bought it a few weeks ago so a complaint email might be written. I never complain about anything, I am just too nice. 

- When flat / job / life sorted I will be buying a proper camera. My mother has just bought herself a DLSR so am going to have a play with it when I go home for a few weeks. Though very much out of my budget! After my photo host problems I uploaded these to blogger and even though my blackberry photos are not great to start with, now they look even worse. Bah!

Zoey xox

PS Think everyone should go visit Rare Candies, my lovely friend Hollie's blog. She is a beauty. That is all

11 September 2011

Gold Guns Girls

  1. Primark Ring with Models Own Black Shatter over a failed banana nails nail art session
  2. My new favourite leopard nail using Models Own Gold Rush. I prefer the Models Own Nail Art Pen in the smaller size, much easier to control and the new lid without a pin is good for lazy people like me!
  3. Been loving gold this week so changed my usual flick of black eyeliner for Models Own Powder Eyeshadow in Black and Gold Sparkle and Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold Iridescent
  4. Jagerbombs are gold. Ish. Last sunday we were buying them three each at a time. It didn't end well.
Really never thought I'd say it, but really want a 9-5ish normal job now. 

Zoey xox

10 September 2011

Early Morning Strawberry Nails

Models Own Jade Stone / ELF Fluorescent Pink / Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish  Lemon Drop / Cheap Makeup Brush

A double shift and far too much caffiene equals still being awake two hours after getting in from work. So got comfy in bed and embarked on a nail art session. These are inspired by Charlene's wonderful strawberry nails, which can be bought here and of course the WAH Nails version.

Back to Smallville and hopefully some sleep soon. Or might just place an ELF order with next weeks rent money. It is 50% off after all.

Zoey xox

03 September 2011

ELF Review

This is part one of a few ELF reviews I have lined up. I no longer have Photoshop and apparently you can't resize photos in Picasa and then got confused by GIMP. I am now currently having to email my photos to my Photobucket account as I can't upload anything. OMG. Breathe. But excuses excuses. Every time there is a 50% code for ELF I end up ordering myself a little stash - receiving the little brown boxes are a wonderful treat after ridiculous work days. Just got in from a 10am-3am work day.

First up is the Complexion Perfection. As with all the Studio Range the packaging is wonderful, a nice big mirror and the wonderful sleek black. The product itself looks slightly daunting to start with, but for someone like me who has pale skin that is prone to redness it is perfect. It has replaced using pressed powder and is perfect for touch ups on a night out. However it is on the pale side when applied to the face, this is fine for pasty me but when my sister played with it her fake tanned face didn't fair so well. 

Second is the Eyebrow Kit. Now I have dark hair naturally, dyed to a reddy brown but have light thin eyebrows. I usually use Gosh's Eyebrow Kit - the medium colour is perfect for my eyebrows. I am not a fan of pencils for the eyebrow instead I much prefer using a brush. I've heard many rave reviews but am not in love with this product yet. The gel, on the left, is much darker than the powder and you cannot use it like the GOSH wax to just set your eyebrows. Instead you have to be much more careful with application. I will persevere, the little brush that comes with the product is perfect for eyebrows. I am on an eyebrow mission after falling in love with these HD eyebrows but obviously do not have the money to spend on even an eyebrow wax. (This ELF order was my last spend before realising I couldn't actually buy food)

Lastly is the Complete Coverage Concealer. I currently use Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer which is amazing for the price. The Complete Coverage Concealer (mouthful much) has four different shades so you can find your perfect shade. The two darkest ones are however useless on my skin even mixed with the lighter ones. On the website it recommends you apply before foundation, I have always been taught to apply after but even following these instructions it is fairly drying on my skin. But the concealers are highly pigmented and almost cover my dark circles under my eye. But in all fairness I need something much stronger than a concealer to fix them.

Overall I love Complexion Perfection, in fact this is my second one after dropping my first and the powder broke up just leaving me with the green corner. I will persevere with the other two as I do see there positives. All in all I love ELF Studio products!

Zoey xox