28 April 2011


The beautiful weather has made me re-think my "going out" wardrobe. It is full of black floral Motel dresses and black Lace numbers. Also having a sixth of my wardrobe actually up at university with me, due my living arrangements meant getting ready for an impromptu night on on Tuesday harder. I spend my life in black t shirts and leggings for work. Oh how fashionable. In fact we worked until 10pm on Tuesday night and then got our wine on. Ordering a Chinese for dinner only to get two fortune cookies with delightful fortunes. 

Tuesday was a fun night however, ridiculous games of "I have never", getting thrown out of pubs at closing time after ordering 4 pitchers, going back to some random flat until 4.30am and demonstrating how to play Ring of Fire. Back to being a proper student for one night only! Now back to work work work. BOOO.

In the mean time, some online window shopping.

Dresses (L-R) All from Topshop £70 - £36£50

I love the first Topshop dress, however refuse to pay £70 for a dress. I actually have no money to spend on dresses but keep torturing myself with online window shopping. The floral number is an instant favourite for me as it ticks two of my favourite boxes. Floral and an interesting back. The third my boobs would never fit in but I just love the bow.

The shoes are all so predictable for me. I am 5ft 2 so do not see the point in wearing heels that are not massive. And I mean massive. I have never ordered shoes from Chockers but will do when the money situation improves! 

Now, back to watching America's Next Top Model, I loved Jaclyn and her cute voice. I now do not care who wins, they all just enjoy a good cat fight too much.

Zoey xox

24 April 2011

Photo Dump 01

Oh what beautiful weather for a Bank Holiday Weekend. I'm currently doing evenings in the shop I work in and then going straight to the nightclub job, one night left of the Bank Holiday weekender.. until next week. The boyfriend and I have had time to go and enjoy some of the sunshine, today we ventured to Windermere in the Lake District however we did not leave Lancaster until 3pm and there was just far too many people around. Instead drove up around the lake and had a small walk until driving back.

My week has literally been work work work. Will be very thankful when the wages come through but right now I am tired and need time to finish my dissertation. Oh the life of a 3rd year.

Black t-shirts are my work uniform for both jobs. Fine over girlie summer dresses for the shop job, but always over black body con skirts and leggings for the bar job. On the search for the perfect black skirt with pockets but it is impossible!

I have been forever obsessed with pink. £6 Primark shoes. 
Barry M Blusher 001 and Boots 17 Blushes in First Flush and China Pink

Treats this week have included 2am takeaways and at last getting to wear my Primark sandals - £8

Now I am sitting in my towel trying to put of getting ready for work. My mother phoned yesterday to say she has an Easter Egg at home for me but refused to post it when I asked. I assume she thought I was joking, I was not. I want chocolate! Especially if it is the Marks and Spencer Hello Kitty Easter Egg! Instead I shall leave you with a popular chocolate cocktail from work. It is just alcohol! No mixers here.

Chocolate Martini (makes 2)
2 shots of vodka
2 shots of  baileys
Shake with ice & strain into a Martini Glass. Nommm. Or into a smaller glass over ice!

Now, must paint my nails for work. Priorities!

Zoey xox

22 April 2011

Play Crack The Sky

After playing around with WAH inspired nails, leopard of course being my favourite, 'bare' nails just look weird to me. This is why I like crackle / shatter top coats. I haven't had enough money to buy the Models Own Shatter Top Coats, but to be honest was waiting for the different coloured ones. The Barry M one in Black was my first purchase, but the brush was missing bristles and it never went on smoothly.

I spotted the 17 Crackle Top Coat in Boots a few weeks ago. The formula is thinner than that of the Barry M ones and goes on like your normal nail polish. Just needed one coat of Seche Vite to make the whole thing nice and smooth!

17 Supreme Shine Nail Colour in 'Wave'
17 Gold Crackle Top Coat

Models Own Nail Polish in 'Bubblegum'
17 Gold Crackle Top Coat
Currently I am not meant to be buying make-up or clothes as we are a bit short of cash. But I needed some mascara and a neutral eye shadow as I'm bored of wearing dark eyeliner for work. I didn't manage to buy either from Boots but did spy the Pink Nail Effects from Barry M which of course I had to buy. 
Barry M Nail Effects in Pink
Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruities in 'Lemon Drop'
Excuse my awful awful nails / hands. My hands are incredibly dry right now from being covered in soda, cutting lemons etc. About to drag the boyfriend into town to buy some Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector which my mother uses for her hands - she is a vet so her hands are always very dry. Back to the nails! I love the Nail Effects, can't wait to use it over other shades. It goes on fine, if a little thick. But if you put it on smoothy without painting over the same bit twice you get the above effect.
The Rimmel nail varnish however was useless. It took around 4 coats to get anything close to even coverage, though I do love the colour. It is from Rimmel's range of "I Love Lasting Finish Fruities" nail colours. Each has it's own scent. The 'Lemon Drop' smelt more like banana sweets but did smell better than normal nail varnish. 
I am currently drinking a can of Sugar Free Red Bull for Breakfast, got in from work at 4.30am and have work at 4pm. Woe is me. The beauty of working in the service industry over a bank holiday!
Zoey xox

20 April 2011

PixTrix - Blackberry App

All the cool kids have Instagr.am for iPhones. I searched for an option for my Blackberry and eventually found PixTrix which adds filters to images you have already taken with the camera. It also serves as a useful little photo editing application as it also can be used to rotate photos as well as adjust the brightness and contrast of a photo as you see fit.

This is the original image taken with my Blackberry camera

Nails: Rimmel 60 Second in Grey Matter, Rimmel Lasting Finish in Strawbery Fizz, Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black and of course trusty Seche Vite.

These are just a small sample of the set filters you can apply to your image. The app itself is pretty straight forward to use. It's not pretty and is supported by ads but there are no nasty watermarks applied to your image until you buy a paid version as some applications do. I also do realise that "colour" is spelt with a 'u' but  I was just having a mad brain moment and copied the text straight from the app!

You have the option to upload straight to facebook or to just save the image back to your phone to upload to Twitter or wherever you see fit! The application itself is a bit glitchy, it has frozen on me a few times. It's not Instagr.am but it is something fun for Blackberry users to play around with!

Zoey xox

19 April 2011

Have you met Miss Jones?

So, everyone seems to have a lovely blog these days.Thought I'd attempt one, again. I don't have a camera, the fifth one I bought died a painful death in a pint of vodka. Instead I have my trusty Blackberry, this is also my fifth Blackberry. The other four decided to vanish on nights out in Lancaster, pesky thing.  So what will I even blog about? I currently live with my boyfriend in a single bedroom. It is interesting, but necessary for the next two months. It does mean I have to live out of a tiny pink suitcase and a small pink make-up case. Oh and the other three big shopper bags and two other make-up cases. I tried.

I am usually this grumpy looking.


I should be writing a dissertation and revising but spend most of my life painting my nails and going to work. Prefer serving drunken louts to writing about the schools of Afghanistan. Models Own isn't actually a favourite of mine, I like the shades but the how it goes on the nail differs vastly between bottles. Rimmel 60 Second nail varnish is however. Good for base colours like grey and black. I don't have pretty long manicured nails or perfect cuticles. Working in a bar and food shop means lots of opening boxes and destroying my nails.

I am twenty two but still love Hello Kitty, not in an over the top OMG way. Just love Hello Kitty. I would never wear an item of clothing devoted to Hello Kitty but will let my phone and nails show my love of all things cute pink and girly. I do enjoy a good Blackberry theme and like to discover new apps which is harder for a Blackberry as of course Android and iPhone devices are more popular and have more applications. Oh and if you can forgive the shocking battery my current Bold 9780 has.

Daisy Gin? Well the cocktail is in fact a Gin Daisy but I always get it confused in my head. 2 shots Gin, half a shot Grenadine,  1 shot Lemon Juice. Shake and strain over ice and then top with soda.

So, we'll see.

Zoey xox