19 March 2012

Ivory by Rimmel & L'Oreal

Foundation Rimmel and L'Oreal
Foundation Rimmel and L'Oreal
L'Oreal True Match Ivory - Rimmel Wake Me Up Ivory

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - Ivory
So this has been all over blog land. It is creamy formula, it goes on nice and smoothly. Dry patches do need to be well moisturised. I found without a primer this would slide off my face in about 2 hours, when you only get a half hour break on a 6am-2pm shift that isn't so good! It does leave your skin dewy and brighter, I have read many reviews complaining of the glitter but I was lucky as my pot doesn't seem to have many!

However, Ivory is not Ivory. The first few times I wore this I thought it was fine on my skin, but under close inspection it really wasn't. It was much more orange than my natural pale skin. It is shame, as the formula is lovely. It does have a strong smell to it also.

L'Oreal True Match - Ivory
After finishing my Healthy Mix and Double Wear (which I mixed together as one was too light, the other too dark) I was after a high street pale foundation. I spent a good 45 minutes in Boots trying every foundation and this beauty came out top. My fake tan wearing sister swears by True Match for it's formula, and the Ivory shade is pale enough for my skin. It is a more watery formula, it doesn't dry instantly like Double Wear for example. Making it easy to work with. It is also really build-able but does stick to dry patches. I do love it but it's not perfect.

However, these two foundations mixed together are perfect. The "wake me up" effect of the Rimmel Foundation mixed with the consistency of the L'Oreal foundation is perfect. The shade is even perfect. The Rimmel Foundation would be worn alone on a night out, no one is going to notice a slight orange line on your jawline and the L'Oreal is perfect for mornings when you have 10 minutes to quickly apply all your make-up and sort your hair out.

Zoey xox


  1. I used to love True Match until I started getting dryer skin, it isn't the best for dry patches! Gorgeous colour for pale skin tones though. The Rimmel one would be way too orange for me I think xx

  2. I've never thought of mixing! I'm really pale so I struggle to find the right shade too. x hivenn

  3. I haven't thought about mixing either! I love the new wake me up foundation and mixing it with my new 17 bb cream has made a perfect shade! thanks! :-) x

  4. I love the banner of your blog - it's so whimsical ^>^

    I've been searching for a nice foundation - I don't usually wear one, but I've been considering it and don't want to invest in something of poor quality. I am glad to have read this post :))))

    sending you happy spells


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