30 June 2011

Nail It

I'm always painting my nails, my boyfriend moans I have too many nail varnishes. My nails are not perfect, my jobs mean long beautiful nails are not practical. In fact painted nails don't even survive a shift behind a bar, at least I don't wear false nails - when cashing up the till I've found false nails in amongst the coins. Niiice. If I'm late for a night out I will paint them in the pub. I still love nail art, WAH Nails have to be my biggest inspiration. I constantly check their tumblr and fuckyeahnailart.tumblr.com/ of course. All I seem to have masterted is leopard nails however, when trying to recreate these wonderful nails I just failed. But practice makes perfect!

My awful attempts at bow nail art!

Banana Nails - Charlene, Dainty Dresses / Always amazing leopard print - Claire, French for Cupcake
Mix and Match - Emily's Nail Files / Lady Gaga inspired nails - honeyandtar.tumblr.com

I don't think I will tire of nail art soon, I always get "oh my gosh they must be stickers" when sporting leopard nails. I will carry on practising and one day I might be as awesome as the girls above!

Zoey xox

29 June 2011

Photo Dump 06

- So 20 days and no post. Why? Because my life took over. Degree stuff, job stuff and house stuff. I've had a slight promotion in work meaning hopefully a few more hours here and there. I do seem to spend my life counting money that isn't mine however, at least there is a fun children's calculator to add it up on. I currently have no where to live which is not very fun really, hopefully someone will email me back eventually. 

- I caved and dyed my hair back to red, I just couldn't get my hair the right shade of ginger / auburn. Yes every Rihanna look a like now has red hair but nevermind that. I had to search for the dye however, I still can't find it online. It is a red box dye from Schwarzkof  that also lightens dark hair resulting in a nice bright red. It seems to have disappeared but I stumbled across two boxes in Superdrug in the Trafford Centre and quickly snapped them up.

- Diet? What diet. I have barely eaten a proper meal, though the boyfriend has tried his best to make me eat through all my silly work hours. When at work I am living of noodles which I am sure are not nutritionally balanced. A post on 'Where Are My Knees?' led me to discover the 'My Fitness Pal' app for my Blackberry.  So far I am loving it, actually getting some control back over what I am eating. I have started writing a little review of Blackberry apps and this will be included.

- It hasn't been all work, I have had a few fun nights out. Dressed as Minnie Mouse for a miniature fancy dress night. Basically false lashes, a black nose, ears and a bright pink top from Dorothy Perkin's. Also a few nights out with work girls including a lap dance in Revs after I drank far too many free cocktails. I also turned 23, but that was a pretty none event.

- Moving into halls for the summer from the 11th, first time I have lived alone in a year so that is going to be an adventure. I am going to have to learn to cook more than scrambled egg anyway.

Zoey xox

07 June 2011

Got a water bottle of whiskey in my handbag

Lot's of people are finishing exams this time of year and all of those that are 18 will be enjoying a drink or 25. Bring on the 14th June, I do finish earlier but work is in the way of me celebrating! So here are a few of my favourite pitchers / pre drinks.

Jack Apple Discovered in a fish bowl competition in work, is based on a cocktail but makes a good pitcher to share.  
2 shots Apple Sourz, 2 shots of JD, top with lemonade and lots of ice in a nice big pitcher.

Lambrini Punch This is the ultimate pre-drinking jug and also makes you look amazing chavvy if you appear at a house party with this concoction, especially Happy Shopper Cherryade.
A bottle of lambrini, some vodka (depends how drunk you want to be) and topped with cherryade. 

Skittles Vodka The first time I made skittles vodka it just turned out to be a brown mess, it did taste nice though. I have since learnt to separate out the colours so you end up with a selection of vodkas in different colours. Obviously sieve before drinking as the colourless skittles left in the bottom might cause you to be sick when drunk. 'Errr there is a lump in my vodka'
Separate the skittles into colours - you will probably need a few big packets - and place in different bottles. Either use new bottles or old vodka bottles that still have the lids. Then divide the vodka between the bottles. Shove in the fridge or freezer and drink a few days later!

Now must stop dreaming about alcohol and do some revision. Hurry up 14th June, I have coke cans to put in my hair. Wonder who I'm dressing up as!

Zoey xox

05 June 2011

Photo Dump 05

 I've had a little bit of extra money so spoilt myself with the 3 for 2 on Models Own in Boot's. Why does my tiny home town have Models Own in Boot's but not Lancaster! Rubbish. But I love the "smash up" it goes on much better than the Barry M one and is a nice change to go back to the original black one! I've become very lazy and hardly painted my nails but will be putting some nice Sophie's Pink on my nails for work tonight

→ A small trip home was fun, wonderful fashion choices and got to sit around in my garden which is a novelty having no garden up here! I left work at 3am on the Wednesday and drove the 100 miles home getting there at 6am after a few stops as I was bored. Didn't go to sleep until 10pm that night, caffeine..! 

→ The start of the car drama was driving back from shopping with my sister and mother, all of a sudden the car span around 4 times and ended up in the middle of a roundabout. No fun at all, thank god I wasn't driving. Turned out the engine was leaking diesel and covered the back tyres making them spin out.

→ Part two involved my stupid car. My car is usually well behaved and even if it/she has no official name, Clio Mia usually though, I do love it. However it failed its MOT on Thursday morning, after some repairs it passed again on Friday morning. No biggie. 40 miles into my trip back north the steering seemed really off, then when overtaking a lorry it suddenly swerved to the right. I somehow managed to get it back to the hard shoulder with no brakes on one side and no steering. I was shaking and crying yet managed to get out on the passenger side, try and kick the wheel back in so i could PUSH it completely onto the hard shoulder. (Think I was in shock at this point, I have not been eating my spinach) I won't bore you with the mechanical details but it was f-ed. The police dragged it further onto the hard shoulder and left me making daisy chains on the side of the road until the RAC turned up an hour later. My sister and mother had driven up the motorway to come and rescue me by then, they wonderfully drove me north to go to work while the RAC towed my car home. 

→ Much thanks have to go my dear parents and sister for keeping me calm while I screamed down the phone. But also made me value having breakdown cover! Especially breakdown cover that will tow my car 50 miles to my home address rather than just some random garage as my friends did once. Hopefully I will get it back on Tuesday, though a 3 and a half hour train journey do separate us. It takes an hour and a half to drive, oh public transport.

Zoey xox

04 June 2011

Hippie Cliché

Shorts - New Look
Top - New Look
Necklace - Matalan
Bangle - New Look
Sandals - Primark
Hairband - Fancy Dress shop (used for a toga party!)

Internacionale Dress

The last few days have not been very fun, full of car drama but more on that tomorrow. I live with a boy who hates summer (It's too hot) I however turn 23 in just over two weeks and have always been a summer baby. My pale legs beg to differ but that's nothing fake tan can't fix. Been on the search for a pair of shorts to wear with all the tops I usually shove leggings on with to get me through the summer months. Those New Look ones are perfect and very flattering. I'm currently trying out Garnier's Summer Body Moisturiser rather than my old faithful St. Moritz

I have been home for a few days and forgot how beautiful the garden is there, if only I actually had a camera and could take lovely photographs of it, alas I don't. My dad grows his own vegetables at the end of the garden along with our 7 chickens. Seriously eggs straight from your own chickens taste amazing, I was sent back with some but the car drama meant I came back minus a car and most of my things. It was a nice change from being stuck in a shared house. Hopefully the job and flat hunt will eventually come to an end and we will have somewhere nice to live!

Zoey xox