13 May 2011

Trophy Eyes

False eyelashes are never something I will wear on a daily basis or for just popping down the pub. But big black falsies can instantly make your eyes look more awake and your makeup more dramatic. Where do you draw the line however? When you've started looking like something from The Only Way Is Essex? My personal favourite lashes are the cheap ones from Body Care, if they cost £2 it does not matter when my boyfriend throws them away then. I would never pay £8 upwards for a pair of lashes, mainly because when I get in drunk I tend to rip them off my eyes. Last saturday morning I found a lovely pair with a gold trim shoved in my heels. No idea.

When not purchasing £2 lashes from Body Care I usually go for Stargazer lashes which are sold in most New Look stores if I want something a bit out there or Eylure lashes, especially the Girls Aloud ones that are loved everywhere. I would actually wear the Shu Uemura lashes pictured first but would be so scared of damaging them or losing them. The Paperself lashes are actually beautiful, can imagine them with pale lips, minimal blusher,matte foundation and a neat line of liquid eyeliner. 

When pulling out eyelashes to go out the first question I get asked by none false eye lash wearers is how on earth do you put them on? Good glue is the first step. I do like the cheap clear glues you get free with cheapy nails but although lashes are easier to put on with it they don't last all night. My favourite is the Revlon Lash Adhesive. I usually make sure I have one of the smaller glues that comes free with Eylure lashes as they are resealable and small enough to put in a bag to take out! Must also make sure you are putting your eyelashes on pre vodka. Many a time I have either messed them up completly and had to restart my whole eye makeup or just glued them to my eyebrow. Not a good look. The easiest method to put them on is to look down into a mirror and make sure you hold the lashes on long enough for the glue to stick. No tweezers for me, usually because I have been on the gin before I apply lashes and I'll just end up poking myself in the eye.

Oh and yes the blog title is a You Me At Six song.

Zoey xox


  1. I always (well I say always - it's SO RARE that I wear falsies) go for the girls aloud/eyelure lashes but next time I get some I'm gonna try out the Bodycare ones! I always struggle putting the other one on though, no matter which eye I do first I can't ever get the other one the same! Nightmare xx

  2. These are some seriously fun lashes!

  3. The Paperself eye lashes look fantastic, actually they all do!

    I have never tried false lashes myself, but am really liking how they make our eyes appear so much bigger and more feminine. :)

    The Cat Hag