23 May 2011

Photo Dump 03

So exams have taken over my life as well as a never ending dissertation, this has been a hard last couple of years. Hopefully the light at the end is near, I remind myself daily that soon I will have somewhere to live and a steady job. Please.

When my nails are 'natural' you can tell life is stressful. They have been painted three times in the past two weeks and I promptly peeled these off. I am just so glad I have a wonderful boyfriend who makes sure I eat actual meals rather than just snacks.

- Someone had left a daisy pushed into the keyboard in one of the shops computers, cheered me up during a horrible stock take. I can't believe this job is drawing to a close, I have worked for the student unions shops for 4 years now. So many staff have come and gone and it is actually where I met my boyfriend although he no longer works there. 

- Nails! My poor nails have been neglected, I split my thumb nail on Saturday night on a WKD bottle cap. Ow is all I have to say on the matter. My Models Own / Wah Nails pen has completely dried out due to me being incapable of putting the pin back in the top so the leopard print was done with a Rimmel liquid eye-liner. Models Own Bubblegum pink base with a pale yellow from Rimmel for the spots. I attempted ombre nails 
one night at 5am, I didn't mix enough of the colours so didn't have a thick enough coat on any of the nails.

- My first nakd bar was a big disappointment, it just tasted of horrible artificial mint. I decided to try one again and was pleasantly surprised, I now can't stop buying the Cashew Cookie one which is awesome. 

- Revision and dissertation has been broken up with tiny shopping trips and watching of trash television. Made In Chelsea is just awful and I love my trash. Jersey Shore, The Hills, TOWIE... All favourites of mine. Made In Chelsea is just beyond fake and made up. I know girls like this exist so why not just follow their real lives? I do realise The Hills and TOWIE make up situations too but at least some of the cast are actually likeable. 

- Speaking of little shopping trips, in the past year the shop has got a small Rimmel stand which is very useful for when you need some eye-liner when stuck on campus. Not good for my bank balance when I am in work and eyeing up my next nail varnish. I needed cheering up on Saturday and opted for the new Day 2 Night mascara which I already love, but more on that later this week. 

Zoey xox


  1. Hahaha, the last one made me laugh - I do this a lot! I live almost an hour away from university so its always happening - Such a waste of money!

    You'll have to let us know about that mascara, I can't figure it out! x

  2. hope the exams are going well x