09 May 2011

Bedroom Dancing

001 My room at home will always be my favourite, until I was 16 I lived in the box room of my house. Then my parents decided to build an extension with the original intention of splitting my room in two, it never happened. It was just nice to have a big room for once, with proper storage.
002 I had never moved house until I moved away to go to university in Lancaster. Now after spending summers up here in peoples spare rooms, flats and sofas I have lived in 10 different rooms in the past 4 or 5 years, no where has really felt like home. Halls especially felt this way, every room is identical and each year a new group move into "your room".
003 My favourite student house had to be the one with my attic bedroom, the view was right across Morecambe Bay and on a good day you could see Blackpool Tower. Just having one room that is yours in a house means it becomes the place you watch television, the place you have friends over, where you do work and where you sleep. I literally cannot wait to have a flat and to have a living room. Simple things. Not sure how we will ever afford one!

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004 After watching Linkin Park on cribs I fell in love with Chester Bennington's house and the massive gothic wings above his marital bed. The wings were worn by his wife when they got married on Halloween. (How can I remember things like this but can't remember anything useful?) But I do love the idea of a massive pair of wings above the bed. Over the years I have put wings that have been worn for fancy dress but it is not quite the same. Wings from Etsy - White Feather Wings,
005 'Fuck Yeah' tumblrs are my favourite, especially the nail art one. They are the perfect place to find inspiration, even for bedrooms. I love all the white and clutter free rooms but I am so messy that they would never stay that way for long.

Now I don't know where I'll be living come July, maybe in someone's flat for the summer but I hope I have a flat or somewhere that I can call home for at least the next year. Maybe, just maybe.

Zoey xox

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