27 May 2011

Review Me

I currently only seem to shop in supermarkets, though I did sneak in a quick visit to Primark in Preston yesterday hence the Lush product. But it means I keep buying bits I really don't need, I have an endless supply of shampoo and conditioner as I keep stocking up on offers.

- Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Oil Free Day Cream. Wow that is a mouthful. I have an endless collection of moisturisors, trying to find something for my dry / oily / blemish prone skin is a nightmare. But this I love and almost replaces my much loved No 7 tinted moisturiser. It has no perfume smell, it feels fresh and cold on your skin when applied - perfect for early mornings. It actually does get rid of shine and is just an all round good simple product. It's not going to give you a flawless complexion overnight but it is £3.99 and it does exactly what it says it does.
- Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream. This is awful, I could have used many swear words there but didn't. The idea is that you apply the cream before stepping in the shower, leave it on for 3-6 minutes then rinse off with the handy little sponge inside. Simple? Yes. Does it work? No. It does state that you need to try and "avoid exposing parts of the body covered with cream to the direct stream of the shower within the first two minutes". Now I did follow these ridiculous instructions, in fact I stood the other end of the bath while the shower ran for two minutes but even after this time the slightest contact with water the cream just ran off. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Even left on my legs for the full 6 minutes out of the shower it did an equally bad job at actually removing the hair on my legs - I had to shave them after anyway. All round a waste of £5, and it should have been £10 in Sainsbury's.
- Andrew Barton The Straight Answer Heat Protection Spray I usually use the Lee Stafford heat protect spray on my hair but not had time to run to Boot's so this seemed like a good alternative. It does the job, it smells lush but doesn't leave my hair as nice and smooth as the Lee Stafford one.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter -  Now my poor nails are an ongoing saga. I've started taking some vitamin supplements to try and improve them but my cuticles are still suffering. I've tried a few hand creams but this is wonderful. The scent is very lemony, no surprise there. It is a strange texture, it feels as if it should be a scrub but it goes on nice and smooth. I've been putting it on every night and my cuticles are definitely improving! It also leaves your nails nice and shiny!

Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara - Now I did take picture of before, the length mascara and the volume mascara on but technology is completely against me. I love the Bourjois Volumizer mascara which has the same idea however at £10 a tube not as purse friendly as this Rimmel version which I bought for £5.99 in work. The two stage system does work and you end up with nice full lashes. However they are a bit clumpy and have found I've had to retouch my mascara a few time during the day. Next on my mascara wish list is the Models Own Volumiser Mascara thanks to Claire's recommendation

I managed to pick up more creams and potions in Sainsbury's tonight when I went for some milk. I am useless.

Zoey xox

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  1. Glad I'm not the only one who has bad experiences with Veet, I've recently tried their hair minimising moisturiser and that was a let down too! I'm really eager to try out Lush's lemon flutter, I just never get around to picking a pot up! x