31 May 2011

Heart Throb

♥ I have an obsession with hearts, I often find myself typing "heart" into the search fields of Topshop and ASOS. The heart shoes were bought from Topshop about 2 summers ago and were worn to death, still don't think they have been thrown away instead are in one of many boxes back at home. My tattoo is not an emo esque tattoo as a boy once asked me, instead it is the engraving from a bangle my grandmother was given for her 21st birthday. 

♥ I really want to grasp heart nail art, it doesn't help my nails are so short that I have nothing to work with. I love this and this

♥ Should be revising, it's not happening. I have about 12 tabs on google chrome open, one of which being facebook and another an episode of 24. I just cannot concentrate.

Zoey xox


  1. I love all that heart jewellery, so beautiful, good luck with the revision, I hope you manage to get started on some, I find it so hard not to get distracted! End up having to lock myself away from all temptations! x

  2. love this post! i love your tattoo its very lovely and those shoes are cute! x

  3. Your tattoo is gorgeous, I love wrist tattoos :) That ring is spectacular! xxx


  4. pretty clothing! new follower !

    Do check out my new post!

  5. Thanks for following my blog! I was just looking over yours and I LOVE IT!!! its so chic, I love everything on here! x