22 May 2011

That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen

Oh routine, how I want you. I'm surviving on 5 hours sleep a night and naps. The mixture of two jobs and exams is not a pretty one.

As previously discussed I spend my life in black work tshirts, in my retail job this is fine over dresses and pretty skirts. However behind a bar jeans or black skirts are best. I usually wear black body-con jobs with leggings. I am on the search for a short black skirt with pockets, but I am far too fussy to find anything I like. My part time bar job has turned into a more permanent one after I have finished my exams, gaining club management experience and all that goes with it so will be forever looking for a practical black skirt.

I do find myself searching daily on Topshop, Miss Selfridge and ASOS for this illusive skirt but instead find many others I want.

The ASOS one looks horrible and cheap as most of there clothes do but is exactly what I am looking for. Although the Miss Selfridge one ticks all the boxes too. The rest are skirts I keep imagining outfits for. The Floral number from Topshop I can see with a nice big tshirt and sandals for summer, but my exam diet of crap has made my hips expand. I did attempt a run the other day, managed near 2 miles but almost died. So horribly unfit. 

I keep online window shopping, I actually have money in my account at the end of the week for once but I seem to be turning into an adult and thinking of flat deposits and furniture. What happened to the party girl? Exams do finish soon however and I know exactly what I will be buying first, a bottle of Lamb's Spiced Rum. I think I might have actually found a replacement for the much missed orginal Sailor Jerry's Rum.

PS Actually writing this at 5.40am, just got in from work and cannot sleep. So Mean Girls it is. 
Zoey xox

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