09 May 2011

Photo Dump 002

- I really should start writing blogs, perhaps I will have time after June 10th when University is hopefully done forever. It doesn't help that I am currently sharing my laptop with my boyfriend
- I have spent most of the week at work, my first job is in the Student's Union shops on campus which means I am surrounded by booze and chocolate. Woe is my life. We still have creme eggs from Easter, any other retail losers who have memorised the code? In my defence it never changes and I have worked in retail since I was 16.
- The being surrounded by booze meant after a horrible shift on monday, 3pm-midnight on a bank holiday, we decided to quickly get ready and go off into town. Why not! There are pictures on my phone but they are too horrific for anywhere other than facebook. I put a fishbowl up my top and seemed to be very proud of this. 
- My new favourite theme for my Blackberry is the Screen Muncher one which can be found in the App World. I was amused by it for the first few days as mainly when you select the menu and then the profiles icon it 'munches' the screen. On friday I discovered when setting the wallpaper to drunk photos that these go inside the monsters mouth. Oh easily amused.
- Again, you can tell it has been a busy week when my nails have only been one colour. These were only painted to go out on friday, Rimmel Grey for the base, Models Own Bubblegum for the pink bits and Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner for the lines. Of course Seche Vite over the top.
- As I write this there is an empty pizza box in the corner of the room which I bought home last night after a naughty few drinks in Revolution, however I have tried to eat better as usual. I love Greek Yoghurt and used to always buy the 0% Total Greek Yoghurt and put lots of honey in them or even better Special K but then I spied this when grabbing my lunch in work yesterday. Greek Yoghurt with Honey already done! The pistachios were bought by the boyfriend and I but we managed to eat a huge bag in one sitting, they are a healthy snack in proportion but probably not a whole bag!

I need a life

Zoey xox

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  1. Loving your screen muncher theme, that is so cute! lol. Have you tried the 0% yoghurt with a tablespoon of nutella (or lemoncurd) mixed in? It is magical, kinda like a cheesecake but in a yoghurt and seriously low on the calories. My god you have to try it! xxx