04 March 2014

Beauty Budget February


Every month I am trying to use up my ridiculous collection of beauty products before buying any more of that type, yep pretty much like the over done empties blog posts you see every month on every other blog. But I then add up what I've spent to try and get a hold of my walk into Boots and spend £25 problem. Here is the original Beauty Budget post.

Hair Care
Toni & Guy Red Brunette Conditioner was £2 in Sainsbury's around Christmas. It sounds perfect for my dyed red hair except even the added hydration of olive oil just was not enough for my dry hair. It did nothing to untangle and I was just happy to use it all up. I actually think it may have been discontinued as I cannot find it anywhere.  Herbel Essences are a clear favourite, Silicone free and back in its original packaging it can do no wrong, they smell amazing. I have used up two bottles of the the conditioner this month (Silk n Shine and Seriously Smooth) as well as the Moisture Balance Shampoo. Honourable mention to Batiste dry shampoos, I have used up my mini Blush which I carried around in my handbag and the Fresh scent. They are the best Dry Shampoos out there and always on offer. Of course the Wild scent in its leopard print bottle is my favourite. 

Skin Care
Clarins Gentle Exfoliator is something I have repurchased a few times, I'm not sure if it makes that much difference to my skin but love using it before bed. It helps to brighten your complexion by removing and build up and encouraging skin renewal. It is on the wishlist to repurchase. Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion is something I have used since a teenager, it is very similar to the likes of La Roche Posay's Clarifying Lotion but much more drying. L'Oreal's Micellar Solution and Eye & Lip Makeup Remover were purchased a while ago, however I am prefering to use an oil cleanser to remove all my makeup at the end of the day so were reserved for lazy days. I still have one bottle of the Micellar Solution lying around somewhere as they were on offer in Sainsbury's!

The Sanctuary 5 min Thermal Detox Mask is an all time favourite, I have recently replaced it with one from the Body Shop which is pretty similar just not as good as completely drawing out all impurities. It warms on contact with wet skin and just makes your face feel really clean after using. Another Clarins product is the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. This is one of the first cleansing gels I used and have repurchased several times. It transforms into a cleansing milk that easily washes away all make up.

I have a post later this week about my love for La Roche Posay, two products I have used up this month are Effaclar K and Effaclar AI. The first is meant to be used every day to help corrent uneven skin texture, gently exfoliating the skin. I didn't find it any more effective than my favourite Effaclar Duo. Effaclar AI is meant to be a targeted treatment, applied directly to the spot. Again I found it effective but no more so than Effaclar Duo so won't bother repurchasing either of these. I went a bit Effaclar mad when I realised how well it worked for me.

Rose Jam from Lush was in a Christmas gift set I bought in the 50% Boxing Day sale. It smells amazing, like Turkish Delight. I was gutted when I used up the tiny bottle as it is limited edition and am unable to get any more until next year! Givenchy Summer Vibrations is a fragrance from a few years ago, from a limited edition run in 2010 (!) It is a very sweet fragrance, one I have only ever used lightly in summer hence taking forever to finish the bottle!
I am addicted to Body Shop scrubs, the mango one smells amazing and is perfect for giving your legs a good scrub in the shower. The ultimate deodorant is this one from Sure, it may be pricey at at around a fiver but it really does the job. Even on a 14 hour shift.

And what have I purchased?
Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner - 2 for £4
Tresseme Colour Revitalising Conditioner - £2.50 for 900ml, so basically a bargain.
Maybelline Better Skin Foundation - £9 but used Boots Points
Blistex Relief Cream - £2.50 - Worst packaging ever, best lip cream for dry sore lips.

Total: £43 So not really much of an improvement on last month, but that Body Shop haul was just too hard to resist. 

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