13 March 2014

A Little Escape


I've visted home the last few weekends, it has been nice to have some home cooking and spend time with my family while I haven't been feeling my best. I treated myself to a new haircut, nothing drastic just rid of the dead ends and fringe cut back in. (Not my hair on the floor, the dog who also needed a trim). 

On the Sunday we drove to Bala where some of my family are from and had a lovely walk around the lake. Such a beautiful day even though my sister wanted to drive to the beach (Barmouth is around 1 hour 40 from us) but decided it was just too far to decide to go at 11am on a Sunday. Far too many Sunday drivers around. On the way home we visited the Rhug Estate for an amazing beef burger and a wonder around the farm shop trying to avoid buying all the taffi triog (treacle toffee).

Not feeling my best, waiting for a diagnostic operation and had a little stay in hospital over the weekend. Just nice to be home and in my own bed with the electric blanket. 


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  1. Aw, it looks like you had a lovely day! :) I understand you, it's always so uplifting and comforting when we go home to spend time with our family! I hope you are feeling better by now!