05 March 2014

Bun Day


I fancied a little catch up post, as lovely as it is writing beauty review after beauty review sometimes you need some personality. Recently I have not been feeling myself, I am quite poorly and have been in and out of hospital a few times over the past weeks still no closer to a real diagnosis. My blog has become my little escape, with lots of posts drafted. As well as discovering lots of new blogs.  I have spent lots of time in bed and surrounded by my cats, I might be a crazy cat lady but my cats really are like my children sometimes. The younger fluffier cat, Muffin has gone to stay with my family for a month because Ginny needs a serious diet. Such an irresponsible cat mummy. I didn't realise how much I'd miss my little bundle of fluff who loves the electric blanket as much as me.

The simple things like My Little Pony pyjamas and Netflix are keeping me sane. The new season of House of Cards was consumed instantly. The problem with living so far from your friends is that you can feel quite isolated, it's not possible to just pop round for a cup of tea without proper planning. My little twitter family have however kept me completely sane <3

I have been taking the time to really look after my skin, no excuses when it comes to late nights and early starts. All the extra moisturising has really helped. My hair has been very much neglected, a top knot is all I have managed most days. Poor hair. I am kind of excited to get back to normality and routine but until then lots of time for blog reading and cat cuddling. (I do have a long suffering boyfriend but I think he has accepted the fact the cats will always come first, I am half joking of course)



  1. I wish my hair was long enough to wear up in a bun like that! x

  2. I love making a hair bun too! x

  3. That's a lovely bun! I wish mine could look like that but it always turn out like a big mess! Oh and trust me, I am a cat lady myself (I have five cats! haha that's crazy I know!). I hope you are feeling a little better nowadays!