19 March 2014

Hair Basket

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I have already written about about my thick hair and how I tame it, this is just an extended version of my current favourite hair products (new and old!).

I have got far too comfortable wearing my hair in a massive bun on the top of my hair, it is just so easy. Last week I had a few inches cut off and have vowed to make a bit more effort drying and styling it properly. In fact I did the whole routine this morning only to tie it in a top knot without an hour. Baby steps.

Before drying my hair I tend to use a oil but at the minute I am favouring the Macademia Straightening Balm from The Body Shop as recommended by a friend on twitter. It seems to have vanished from their website so hope this means it hasn't been discontinued. It is heat activated so perfect for use before hair drying. If my hair is extra tangled, as normal, I tend to give a quick spritz of L'Oreal Kids Detangling Spray before running a Tangle Teezer through it. 

I dry my hair with the GHD Air hair drier which deserves its own special post, after all I did spend a ridiculous amount of money on a hair drier. I love using a big round brush to half blow dry bits when I can be bothered.

I use the amazing Cloud Nine Wide Plate Straighteners. After borrowing my friends wide plate straighteners I was hooked, so much quicker for long hair. These were a Christmas present but also a bargain with 25% in the pre-christmas sales! The adjustable heat is wonderful as I really don't need the full 220 degrees C to smooth my already mostly straight hair. Before using them I spritz them with Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Mist which gives such good protection against heat, my only problem is the smell which is a bit too chemically for my likening. I prefer the Argan Oil version as it leaves my hair so smooth, except it is double the price. 

One of my longest used products is After Party from TIGI Bed Head. It smells amazing, comes in a wonderful pink bottle and is the perfect finishing smoothing cream. I tend to tip my hair upside down and run this through from the middle to the ends which helps smooth the ends. I like big hair, so if I am going out I tend to add a matte powder such as Toni & Guy's Sculpting Powder, it doesn't feel as tacky in my hair as some do and gives wonderful volume. I do really love the Osis + version which was the first I used but the high street versions are just as good and more readily available.

If just a normal day I tend to spray dry shampoo through the roots, yes even on clean hair, to give it that two day wash feel. Batiste are the ultimate in the dry shampoo world and only ever buy their version. And look, leopard print bottle!

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