11 March 2014

What I'd Tell My 18 Year Old Self


Sometimes I think how far my beauty knowledge has come in just the past few years. My skin has never been in better shape and my foundation always matches my skin. Beauty blogs were not as huge as they are these days, all beauty tips came from magazines who swore blind that celebrities relied on £2 tubs of Vaseline. Then I remember the days I was too scared to wear blusher and plucked my eyebrows within an inch if their life. Sometimes I wish I could go back to my 18 year old self, about to embark on university for the first time and give myself some helpful hints. 

Blusher is not the enemy
I used to suffer with awful redness and I still do to some extent. This meant blusher to me was the opposite of what I was trying to achieve, why cover up my rosy cheeks to just apply something red on top?! I have been blessed with lovely round hamster cheeks, instead I ensured my skin was all the same shade of pale ignoring my cheekbones. Then I learnt that blusher didn't just come in red but beautiful bright pinks and corals. I found my cheek bones and even lightly contour some days.

Makeup brushes are your friend. 
I used to apply everything with my fingers. Including Barry N dazzle dust (remember that stuff? Amazing) I think my foundation of choice was a mousse one by No 7 which came with a little spoon. Obviously heavily applied with my finger tips. My makeup brush collection consisted of a powder brush I used to keep at the bottom of my bag and those foam applicators that would come free with eye shadows.

With age my skin has got a little drier, however I do still suffer from an oily t zone. I've learnt that oils and moisturisers are good for all skin, even oily skin. Instead I used to strip my skin with whatever spot face wash was on offer and applied sudocrem to spots. Which in turn dried my skin out making it produce more oil. If only I knew!

Leave your brows alone
I look at so many photos from my first year at university and I have the perfect shape brows, I didn't fill them in but somewhere around that time I must have started to get heavy handed with the tweezers. Back in 2007 brows were thinner, a spouse brow was unheard off and HD brows would sound ridiculous. So I over plucked my beautiful thick brows to be left with the thin sparse brows I have today. Thanks teenage Zoey. In fact aged 11 I fully shaved one of my eyebrows off for some reason unknown to myself or my mother and tried to draw it back on with a pencil crayon. Fortunately it was the summer holidays and I had a fringe but maybe that is where my obsession with brow grooming began?

 Other notable mentions include please don't bite or pick at your nails, don't dye your hair that strange ginger / blonde colour and not to worry as eventually make up companies would start to make shades pale enough for my Celtic skin tone.

Basically, I loved silver eyeshadow and glitter.

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  1. This was a funny post! I could relate to some of your "problems" (even though it wasn't a long time since I was 18) but I think it's inevitable to go through those kind of phases! However, we should think positively, it was because of those "wrong things" that we learn what's best for us :)