15 March 2014

Lip Balm Obsession

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I have an unhealthy lipbalm addiction, always searching for the perfect one or desperately needing one when I am out and picking up an an extra one. We would be here forever if I went through all of these so here are my 5 favourites.
Nuxe Reve de Miel - Is my utter most favourite lip balm, might even call it a holy grail. I suffer from chronic dry lips and this has really helped. With healing honey it really helps repair my chapped lips and the perfect base for lipstick.

Blistex Relief Cream - When my lips are really really sore this is the only thing that heals them, it has the most frustrating packaging in the world but I forgive it for how soothing the camphor it contains is.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lips * - I wrote about this in my Escentual wish list and the kind people at La Roche Posay sent me this to try. Even after a few days I am in love. It really helps my extremely dry lips but also creates a barrier to prevent further chapping. Love love!

Lush Honey Trap - This is another lip balm containing honey which I really think is a magical ingredient in lip balms. With added wheat germ, olive and almond oils to moisturise - it also tastes amazing. 

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector - It was hard to pick my fifth favourite, the Ginger Sparkle lipbalm from The Body Shop smells amazing however it was a limited edition and no longer available. Equally as wonderful is the Hemp Lip Protector. For work I need a stick lip balm for hygiene purposes and this is wonderfully hydrating. 



  1. I'm on the same boat!! I'm always in the hunt for new lip balm! I get crazy when I don't have one in my bag since I always like to put lip balm on my lips too many times a day!! Those you are showing are a few of my favourites as well! Especially the baby lips and I adore them!

  2. i'm so obsessed with lip balm! i love the carmex tubes and get them for £1.50 in Savers - have one always at the office, in my bag, home, everywhere! wanting to try the nuxe too