25 February 2014

Stay Time from Seventeen

I have had this foundation and primer gathering dust in my drawers for a few months now. I just never got along with them. I thought I would revisit them however to see if my opinion changed when I have them a proper test. 

The primer (shown above on the right) promises to work as a glue and keep your makeup in place all day. It comes out in a a thick tinted gel and quickly absorbs any shine on the skin, however it promises to be light which it is anything but; tt really does feel like glue.  I then applied the foundation in Porcelain over the top. It is quite a thick foundation, offering full coverage. The lightest shade even almost matches my skin tone, just slightly too yellow but workable if you blend into the jawline. On paper it sounds perfect, I love full coverage foundation. 

Except this is incredibly hard to blend, it sticks to any dry patches even when my skin has been well moisturised. As you can see it looks very chalky on my skin and has an odd tacky finish. I seem to be alone as on the Boots there are quite a lot of rave reviews. I've tried to foundation with different primers and it still has a horrible heavy feeling when applied. I am used to wearing full coverage foundations such as Estee Lauder's Double Wear and they never leave me wanting to quickly remove all my makeup. The primer does have quite negative reviews on the Boots website, many commenting they have also found it too sticky.  I'm sorry Seventeen, this is a no from me.

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  1. It is really great to see a review where someone doesn't like something. Too many people are just positive so it's good to read an honest post. Nice work