18 February 2014

The Body Shop - £25 off £50

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The Body Shop often run discounts online and in their stores, in fact I never actually buy anything from them full price as I know just around the corner there will be a 40% discount code that lands in my inbox. I also have a Love Your Body Card which costs £5 but you get 10% discount for the year and gift for your birthday as well as gifts throughout the year. Well worth it in my opinion, you can use your discount online just cannot collect stamps.

At the minute The Body Shop are running £10 of a £25 spend and £25 off a £50 spend, available online with the code Catwalk or in store by just showing this voucher on your phone.

I have had a rough couple of weeks so decided a treat was in order, so popped to the store in town as I was too impatient to wait for delivery and picked up some bits. Came to £20 in all thanks to my Love Your Body Discount and the £25 off. Can't complain at that!

These are only available in store, I haven't actually used this yet but reviews around the internet are positive just ensure you set it with hairspray. Looking forward to having a play now I've dyed my hair back dark

I like to use an oil cleanser especially when my skin is suffering with the cold. This quickly removes all my makeup, smells wonderful and leaves no residue. I still follow with a second cleanse but that's just me and my endless quest for perfect skin. Have to ensure all that make up and product is removed!

My favourite mask from Sanctuary at last ran out last week, this is very similar apart from no charcoal. It contains kaolin clay which my skin loves, it draws out any impurities and the warming sensation leaves my face feeling wonderfully clean. 

Honey Bronzing Powder in Light Matte
All my bronzer powders have started to look dirty on my skin thanks to my skin getting even paler from seeing no sunlight for months. This is a perfect no shimmer bronzer, the lightest shade is perfect to add a little bit of shape to my round cheeks. It is also really buildable so would be able to use in summer when i sometimes become a NW15 instead of a NW13 ;) And just look at the lovely packaging!

I'll leave this short and sweet as I've also written up a little review of this beauty for later in the week. My skin instantly felt softer the next morning after applying this. Caroline Hirons raves about it. Go buy it.

Yes, this doesn't fit into my beauty challenge, but after the last 3 weeks I've had I deserve a little treat. And it was quite a thrift treat!
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