23 February 2014

Hello my name is Zoë and these are my microdermals



Micro dermal piercings divide people. My mum does not understand why I would have them. My boyfriend just wants to touch them. Random people in shops feel they can comment on them. But I love them. I have a few tattoos and piercings, I have to stick to discreet ones due to my chosen career path. I have been forever pinning beautiful photos of dermal piercings on Pinterest. Collar bones, wrists, face.. I decided upon my chest, easily hidden under my work tunic and a top when visiting relatives who are not greatly impressed by piercings. 

I visited the lovely Lucy in Huddersfield she marked up the placement and made sure she and I were both happy. Then a needle is inserted into the skin at an angle, the jewellery is then inserted afterwards. The worst part for me was the pressure when the jewellery was inserted. They were mostly pain free afterwards, I bruise pretty easily so I had some lovely yellow markings for a week but after that they have been healing well. 

Over Christmas one swelled up and started to ooze, but a few salt soaks later and they were back to normal. I constantly am scared of catching them on my hair and clothing though have only done this a few times. It is best not to baby them and hopefully they will last a good while yet! 

Of course I had to show of my wonderful necklace from Black Heart Creatives while featuring photos of my neck. Their new collection is "Live Fast Die Yum" featuring amazing donut and burger necklaces, all of which look good enough to eat. <3


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