20 February 2014

Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil

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This little pink pot is amazing. No other way to explain it. Massively favoured by the wonderful Caroline Hirons and I can see why. The Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil promises to "replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight" and gets to work while you have your 8 hour beauty sleep. (8 hours? I wish). With a high concentration of wheat germ oil and traditionally produced soya oil it has a lot of claims to live up to. The Body Shop is a firm favourite of mine for all things beauty, their showers gels are some of the only ones that don't irritate my skin and at the same time smell awesome. They often run sales or offers and at the minute they have a £25 off £50 spend until 28th February as I posted here.

 My skin has been very dry recently, even with a good smoothing primer my foundation has clung to dry spots especially on my forehead. It was starting to resemble sand paper, for someone who has suffered from oily skin for most of my teenage years this was a shock. From the very first use this made my skin feel amazing. It instantly sunk into my skin and I woke up with beautiful smooth skin. After one use. Imagine how lovely and glowing my skin will be after using this every night. The Body Shop website recommends pairing this with a night cream, I have been using the Vitamin E Intense Cream for a while. I still use my trusted Effaclar Duo + on my cheeks.

I have full on combination skin, dry patches and oily patches. Neither have suffered at the hands of this little oil. Perfectly packaged with a glass pipette which helps dispense the perfect amount. I am addicted and have already bought my sister one as part of her birthday present! Seriously, just go buy this. Even at full price it is worth every penny.

Even Muffin enjoys it

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  1. Really keen to try this! Your cat is super cute too :) kathleen xxx