25 September 2011

Photo Dump 10

- I'm moving out of Halls in 3 days, just as all the new freshers turn up. Walking away from two jobs I love and going to start a new life in Manchester. Moving back in with my boyfriend will hopefully mean eating better, however nothing beats eating macaroni cheese after drinking a 100 too many gins. Sleeping on a bed outside the porters, lying on the floor outside takeaways. Anyone reading this who has just started University I say have the most fun you can have, work hard and play hard. 
- Currently addicted to Graze boxes. Oh I'm so late too the party but they are awesome
- Also in love with Max Factor's Xperience Foundation in Light Ivory. It matches my pale skin, gives good coverage and makes my skin look perfect!

Zoey xox

Ps Also have done a little guest post featuring ELF over on Claire's blog, French For Cupcake :)


  1. its so depressing leaving isn't it!! I love graze boxes too! dont worry i didnt discover them till about a month ago haha


  2. Leaving is always horrible! I just recently graduated and I am still in that feeling that I should be going back any week now, but not! It definitely is the most amazing experience you can have :-) Also Graze boxes are amazing, completely hooked!

    Steph x


  3. cute! love the leopard print nailzzz

  4. I love these kind of "picture heavy"-posts! I got a tester of that foundation a few moths ago and I really liked it too! I think I'll buy it newxt time I'm looking for a new foundation!