03 September 2011

ELF Review

This is part one of a few ELF reviews I have lined up. I no longer have Photoshop and apparently you can't resize photos in Picasa and then got confused by GIMP. I am now currently having to email my photos to my Photobucket account as I can't upload anything. OMG. Breathe. But excuses excuses. Every time there is a 50% code for ELF I end up ordering myself a little stash - receiving the little brown boxes are a wonderful treat after ridiculous work days. Just got in from a 10am-3am work day.

First up is the Complexion Perfection. As with all the Studio Range the packaging is wonderful, a nice big mirror and the wonderful sleek black. The product itself looks slightly daunting to start with, but for someone like me who has pale skin that is prone to redness it is perfect. It has replaced using pressed powder and is perfect for touch ups on a night out. However it is on the pale side when applied to the face, this is fine for pasty me but when my sister played with it her fake tanned face didn't fair so well. 

Second is the Eyebrow Kit. Now I have dark hair naturally, dyed to a reddy brown but have light thin eyebrows. I usually use Gosh's Eyebrow Kit - the medium colour is perfect for my eyebrows. I am not a fan of pencils for the eyebrow instead I much prefer using a brush. I've heard many rave reviews but am not in love with this product yet. The gel, on the left, is much darker than the powder and you cannot use it like the GOSH wax to just set your eyebrows. Instead you have to be much more careful with application. I will persevere, the little brush that comes with the product is perfect for eyebrows. I am on an eyebrow mission after falling in love with these HD eyebrows but obviously do not have the money to spend on even an eyebrow wax. (This ELF order was my last spend before realising I couldn't actually buy food)

Lastly is the Complete Coverage Concealer. I currently use Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer which is amazing for the price. The Complete Coverage Concealer (mouthful much) has four different shades so you can find your perfect shade. The two darkest ones are however useless on my skin even mixed with the lighter ones. On the website it recommends you apply before foundation, I have always been taught to apply after but even following these instructions it is fairly drying on my skin. But the concealers are highly pigmented and almost cover my dark circles under my eye. But in all fairness I need something much stronger than a concealer to fix them.

Overall I love Complexion Perfection, in fact this is my second one after dropping my first and the powder broke up just leaving me with the green corner. I will persevere with the other two as I do see there positives. All in all I love ELF Studio products!

Zoey xox


  1. Great review! I've been meaning to try the complexion perfection for ages, it looks like a great little product!


  2. I've been after the ELF eyebrow kit actually, I have quite dark hair but my eyebrows are mousey...
    Great review! ELF products look great for their money xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. great review, ive been meaning to try out these concealer kits, but in the morningsim just a foundation blush mascara and go kind of gal!


  4. Argh I wish I bought the complexion perfection now!! I also got a little stash but somehow missed this out? Rather annoyed as i'm rather red

  5. you can resize in Picasa if you upload to edit in Picnik and it's and option in there. Works just the same x

  6. great review! loving your blog! xx


  7. i love elf. i am now following your blog, i hope you can follow back.