15 September 2011

Bloo Boo

Primark Bag / New Look Skirt / Monster Addiction / Models Own BlooBoo and Feeling Blue 

- So second attempt at posting this blog, the image host went mad and didn't upload the photos correctly but showed them up on my laptop fine. Oh technology. The bag and skirt were slight impulse purchases when I had a few hours to kill in Manchester the other week. The bag I love, it is massive and add some much needed colour to my mostly black wardrobe. The skirt I love in principle, I can see it being worn with a black body scoop neck top and massive stripper-esque heels on a night out. Except I barely go out, when I do it's all about flat shoes and simple dresses.

- The nails started out as a copy of Charlene's amazing nails. (Seriously, I am addicted to her amazing nail art and think everyone should take a look at Dainty Nails so they can have some of their own!) but my Model's Own Nail Art Pen died, well is leaking everywhere so was hard to control. Only bought it a few weeks ago so a complaint email might be written. I never complain about anything, I am just too nice. 

- When flat / job / life sorted I will be buying a proper camera. My mother has just bought herself a DLSR so am going to have a play with it when I go home for a few weeks. Though very much out of my budget! After my photo host problems I uploaded these to blogger and even though my blackberry photos are not great to start with, now they look even worse. Bah!

Zoey xox

PS Think everyone should go visit Rare Candies, my lovely friend Hollie's blog. She is a beauty. That is all


  1. The faces on your nails are so cute!

  2. i love the skirt! its such a pretty colour & i would wear it in exactly the same way. & omg your nails are too cute! xx

  3. I love your nails, and the skirt is so pretty! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. That skirt is magnificent! love this post x

  5. I love that skirt, so pretttty x

  6. That skirt is sooooo gorgeous!! loving the nails too! :-)