07 October 2011

Make-up 1: Blusher


ELF Studio Blush Candid Coral - Elf Natural Radiance Blush Glow - Revlon Powder Blush Tawny Peach
Models Own Cheeky Pink - 17 Blush Powder First Flush - Elf Natural Radiance Blush Flushed - MUA Blush Shade 1
Benetint / Posietint from Benefit (free samples from Glamour) - George Cheek and Lip Tint - Max Factor Creamy Blush
Candid Coral / Tawny Peach / Glow / Shade 1 / Flushed / First Flush / Cheeky Pink / Benetint / Posietint / George / Soft Pink

So blusher. I have actually only started wearing blusher in the past two years, I suffer from slight redness to my skin so was all about covering my face in a perfect pale base and didn't think to add blush. Oh how I was wrong. It can completely change the look of your face, from making your cheekbones stand out to dragging your hungover face from half death to looking half decent. This post would be about 5000 words long if I reviewed everyone in my arsenal so have picked my top 3.

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow - ELF is cheap, even though they are no longer running any 50% off promotions it is still very cheap. This costs £1.50, the packaging is awful. When I have falsies on I can't even open it. Product goes every where but we will ignore these facts. It is highly pigmented, just look at the 3rd swatch along! Gives a lovely glow on even my white as paper skin.

Boots 17 Blush Powder First Flush - I love 17 products and this blush is no exception. I love the colour, it isn't as highlighter pink as it looks in the pot. It blends nicely, I dropped it upside down on the pavement hence mine being slightly chipped. However every 17 blush I have owned has also smashed like this so don't  know if it is a design flaw!

Posietint from Benefit - If you have used Benefit's Benetint this is a little thicker in consistency. It is a wonderful pink colour that suits my complexion. You have to work quick as it will stain your skin (it is a cheek and lip stain after all!) instead of leaving lovely rosy cheeks. It also works well on lips, in fact I always have a pot in my bag. I collected a few from Glamour!

Zoey xox


  1. All of these blushes look gorgeous, Candid Coral and First Flush are now on my want list! xx

  2. I'm on such a blusher kick right now!

  3. I've only started using blusher in he past couple of months and i'm so glad I did - really adds something x

  4. I love Posie Tint. I also have Benetint too but i like the consistency of posie tint, i find it easier to work in. But both are my favourite make up products ever! x

  5. The MUA Shade 01 looks like the colour I've been searching for!

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