05 August 2011

Teenage Dirtbag

This is really what is in my bag when I got back from work monday afternoon. A few of these have popped up recently on my google reader, the oldest blogger cliche I'm sure but it is fun for nosey people like me! It isn't lovely laid out selection of high end electricals and wonderful MAC products but you have http://fuckyeahwhatsinyourbag.tumblr.com/ for that.

Make up, medication, work fliers, stolen menus, two purses, hair dye, dry shampoo, hair bands, macaroni cheese, paper...

A second review of ELF makeup is on its way, my makeup bag is slowly being filled up with their products. So cheap and do the job. I obviously don't usually carry hair dye and bleach around with me but this is after a trip to Asda, hence the macaroni cheese! The bleach was in fact to attempt red ends. I'm pretty happy with the result! I currently have no internet, stealing wifi from somewhere but it isn't very reliable so this post has actually taken me 2 hours to even try and post!

Zoey xox


  1. I'm interested in the Blonde/powder bleach product, i haven't seen this before. Is it hair dye? I've been diy-ing dying and always use john frieda foam dye. I use the blonde shades and I've got black hair. And it does always warn "not to use on dark hair" (or something along those lines) so I always feel like i'm doing something bad to my hair when i use it!! x

  2. wow! you carry a serious amount of stuff!! I've never done a post like this before and probably never will because im very boring and bit of a neat freak so litterally carry my phone, purse, keys and lipbalm!


  3. You must have a huge bag and I thought I carried a lot of random things in my bag!

  4. I love this! I hate when bloggers have quite clearly JUST cleaned out their bag and organized it for this. Mine is full of tissues and bus tickets etc!