20 August 2011

Wishful Thinking

- I really want to try BB Creams, MACs is already on the market but I have already tried Garnier's BB Cream and am still trying to get the best out of it. What are they? They help "even skin tone and create a natural, naked finish". Perfect!
- Stila's foundation just looks amazing. Simple
- After borrowing my friends Urban Decay eyeliners I remembered my love for coloured eye liner. Currently using 17 at Boot's version but they just don't have the staying power of Urban Decay's.
- Even though I have thick dark brown hair and dark eyes my eyebrows just decided to be different. I pencil them in every day (GOSH's eyebrow kit is perfect for this!) I have heard that Rapidlash can also help eyebrows. For now I will just carry on colouring them in. I actually feel naked without my eyebrows "did".

I am again on a makeup buying ban. I have far too much! However I have already filled my Model's Own basket waiting for the 50% Sale to start!

Zoey xox


  1. I should be on a make-up and clothes buying ban! I'm supposed to be saving for uni but I can't resist buying all these new products when I see them!
    Really want to try the Garnier BB cream, mostly just out of curiosity.

    Robyn -x- http://littlebirdinatree.blogspot.com

  2. the mint carmex is the best! definitely a must-have(: xo

  3. I checked out the new Benefit cha cha tint and it's such a nice - definitely WANT! x

  4. I still need to get my hands on some models own varnishes - they alwas look so good

  5. I must have the cha cha tint. I must!

  6. I can't wait for the model's own sale either! Urban decay anything is rather amazing. x hivenn

  7. I've got loads in my basket on the models own site too, really looking forward to the sale! x