31 July 2011

Photo Dump 07 / 08

♥ Trip to Plymouth to see my old flatmate equaled cocktails (strawberry margarita made with crusha milkshake syrup?! On the hunt for the recipe), minor fights in a dodgy pub and teaching my friend how to paint her nails leopard print. Oh and a 700 mile round trip. Fun all round, however my bank balance is currently recovering. Cue working all the hours under the sun.

 More car trouble has led me to really consider buying a new one, something I can't really afford but fed up of driving a car that barely starts. In fact it stalled and then wouldn't start in front of a group of firemen the other day. Nice and embarrassing. It currently won't start if the engine is hot, no nipping into Asda for 5 minutes and expecting my car to start. I am currently eyeing up Mini Cooper's. This pink one would be perfect.

♥ My sleeping / eating habits do not resemble anything near normal. In fact it is 7am now and I am yet to go to bed. One day I will have a proper job and will sleep like a normal person, maybe.

Zoey xox

PS Thank you for all the lovely comments recently, it really does make me smile when I read the comment emails in work. 


  1. oh my word. That pink cooper is my dream! Love your nails!

  2. What cute photos! You have been busy having fun babe over summer! :)

    I really love your nails.

    The Cat Hag
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  3. Lovely pictures, I love the soft tones. Great leopard nails too :) xo