09 April 2012

Share The Love

♥ This Macaroni Cheese recipe looks amazing, hands down it is my favourite meal. When  I was little when we went to my grans for sunday dinner I'd get a little bowl of macaroni cheese instead as I refused to eat roast meat or most vegetables. It wasn't a case of my mother giving in, it was a case of I would prefer to not eat for days.

♥ I am not a big youtube fan, apart from music videos obviously, but don't tend to watch make-up ones. But bored the other day I clicked play on one of Estée's from Essie-Button videos and oh my gosh I love her. Beautiful Canadian girl with an amazing accent, amazing amount of make-up and just really funny!

♥ Love love this skirt from A Daisy Chain Dream, if only my 5ft 2 legs could carry of midi length! The skirt was also a bargain of £3 from H&M!

♥ Perfect nails from Lyndar the Merciless

 I need to buy myself a Helmer from Ikea for the perfect make-up storage so it out of the way in the new flat!

♥ Old news, but Instagr.am found its way to Android! My username is zoeycatrin and have already become addicted. Also re-dyed the ends of my hair red, it was rude not too when I had some bleach left over.

Zoey xox


  1. That makeup storage looks perfect, and I love those nails :)! I'm following on instagram - meldaviesx

  2. Ooo definitely want some mac & cheese now!
    Love the hair and nails!

  3. everyone keeps talking about these ikea storage cabinets. I definitely need one. My stuff is taking over the bedroom! x