04 April 2012

Could You Be Loved

Moving home / flat / room for what feels like the 100th time in the last few years means I am getting very good at packing. For 6 months of last year I lived out of a tiny pink suitcase with the rest of my belongings packed in boxes all over the place. I still hold on to things I don't need / wear however. These two pairs of shoes are a good example. The black River Island beauties were bought in the sale for £15 over a year ago. They fit fine except I cannot walk in them. It's not a question of them being too high but simply the strange angle they put my foot at. I do however frequently try them on with outfits and play with the idea of going out in them. Common sense always steps in. 

The pink beauties were £5 from New Look 2 years ago, bought by an ex to cheer me up, I was in my homeless summer stage between student houses. The main problem is they are peep toes, I never wear peep toes even with tights. But they are so pretty. So would would I wear them with?

The black pair are there to be worn with something leopard print, this playsuit from Miss Selfridge is perfect. The pink pair are oh so girlie and I would love to wear them bare legged with the beautiful dress from Peoples Market via ASOS. I still refuse to donate these to charity or even shove them on ebay. Maybe one day I will manage to wear them both.


  1. Love the black pair! I would never be able to walk in those either though.

  2. I love the black pair but I don't blame you about not being able to walk in them. They look difficult. Have you tried insoles or party feet to stuff them a bit?


  3. Oh my goodness. The black and gold ones are so dainty, but sexy. Love them

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