29 April 2012

20 days

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  1. Packing & Unpacking into a new flat, moved from an awful flat in Cheetham Hill to student land in South Manchester. I love it. A beautiful ground floor flat in a big Victorian town house. It is going to be a bugger to heat but love the space.
  2. I treated myself to a £15 shirt from Select which was worn out with a few friends from work. A nice excuse to get horrifically drunk, paint my nails and then fall over.
  3. The rest of my life has been full of small pleaures, dying the ends of my hair pink, lie ins after horrible 6am shifts after 10pm finishes and getting to wear "normal" clothes after living in Supermarket uniform. 

Eeesh. So a cop out instagram post, I've seen these branded as lazy and awful on twitter. I don't particularly  sometimes, especially ones full of MAC purchases (seriously, don't need to boast anymore) and Starbuck's drinks. But I like them for myself to keep a track on my life. I am looking to completely move career, go back to being a student and just getting out of this dark hole I am stuck in. 

So May begins, and a new start? We shall see. :)


  1. Eeeek I hope your ankle's okay! Your hair looks lovely with the pink :) x

  2. Love the pink in your hair! Amazing! Xx