23 October 2011

Photo Dump 11

Yes Instagram and the like are over but I have a brand new phone (Samsung Galaxy, it is amazing and my new baby.) so having fun playing with new apps!

1. Boyfriends CDs have taken over the flat, living in the kitchen until we can afford a CD Rack! 2. Spending the evening alone equals creating wonderful Halloween nails. 3. Our view is the whole of Manchester, with an industrial estate / Manchester Fort Retail Park inbetween. 4. New phone equals new case and I got this hipster number from ebay

- So I officially now live in Manchester! Moved into our flat a week ago and love it. I have 5 weeks of training at work which is okay but so much to learn. I will soon be an expert on insurance! A world away from being a retail supervisor / bar supervisor I tell you! Making raspberry lynchburgs was much easier! The flat is perfect for the two of us. We have two bedrooms but the spare bedroom has no bed and has actually turned into my walk in wardrobe. Clothes and shoes every where. When I get paid I will tackle that room but not for now! 
- We will have internet in a week, so hopefully some blogging will occur then! I am almost at 150 followers which is huge in my world! Ha. 

Zoey xox


  1. I like keeping my cds in my kitchen, as I only really listen to them when I'm cooking or baking :) x

  2. I love the nails, going to attempt pumpkin nails on Halloween! Hope all is well in Manchester and that you have settled in quick. x

  3. Heard really good things about that phone! I think it's what I might upgrade too!

  4. That phone case is awesome! I would never guess it was your phone :)

    Cute halloween nails too, especially the RIP one!


  5. so happy you've moved to manc zoey! will have to see you soon. when claire is down are we still going out in manc? xxx

  6. I just ordered one of that cases for my iphone.
    I love it...

    I wish I had so few cds that i could keep them on my kitchen bench.
    They take up two walls in my small apartment.
    Love the nails.

  7. Totally in love with your Halloween nails! WOW!

  8. i love the nails, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting again very soon :)