30 June 2011

Nail It

I'm always painting my nails, my boyfriend moans I have too many nail varnishes. My nails are not perfect, my jobs mean long beautiful nails are not practical. In fact painted nails don't even survive a shift behind a bar, at least I don't wear false nails - when cashing up the till I've found false nails in amongst the coins. Niiice. If I'm late for a night out I will paint them in the pub. I still love nail art, WAH Nails have to be my biggest inspiration. I constantly check their tumblr and fuckyeahnailart.tumblr.com/ of course. All I seem to have masterted is leopard nails however, when trying to recreate these wonderful nails I just failed. But practice makes perfect!

My awful attempts at bow nail art!

Banana Nails - Charlene, Dainty Dresses / Always amazing leopard print - Claire, French for Cupcake
Mix and Match - Emily's Nail Files / Lady Gaga inspired nails - honeyandtar.tumblr.com

I don't think I will tire of nail art soon, I always get "oh my gosh they must be stickers" when sporting leopard nails. I will carry on practising and one day I might be as awesome as the girls above!

Zoey xox


  1. I think your bow nails are great! x

  2. I love your bow nails! People ALWAYS ask me if my nails are stickers too, I don't think I'll ever tire of it either haha! A year ago I was awful at painting nails and I've improved so much so just keep practicing. :) xx

  3. I wish I could be as adventurous and arty with my finger nails. Mine get too ravaged at work to warrant doing anything more then the odd coat of varnish!

  4. oooo those are some seriously cool nails!! il have to give it a try soon!!

    BTW is that the friary your painting your nails in? I went to uni in lancaster too, but at cumbria uni!