29 June 2011

Photo Dump 06

- So 20 days and no post. Why? Because my life took over. Degree stuff, job stuff and house stuff. I've had a slight promotion in work meaning hopefully a few more hours here and there. I do seem to spend my life counting money that isn't mine however, at least there is a fun children's calculator to add it up on. I currently have no where to live which is not very fun really, hopefully someone will email me back eventually. 

- I caved and dyed my hair back to red, I just couldn't get my hair the right shade of ginger / auburn. Yes every Rihanna look a like now has red hair but nevermind that. I had to search for the dye however, I still can't find it online. It is a red box dye from Schwarzkof  that also lightens dark hair resulting in a nice bright red. It seems to have disappeared but I stumbled across two boxes in Superdrug in the Trafford Centre and quickly snapped them up.

- Diet? What diet. I have barely eaten a proper meal, though the boyfriend has tried his best to make me eat through all my silly work hours. When at work I am living of noodles which I am sure are not nutritionally balanced. A post on 'Where Are My Knees?' led me to discover the 'My Fitness Pal' app for my Blackberry.  So far I am loving it, actually getting some control back over what I am eating. I have started writing a little review of Blackberry apps and this will be included.

- It hasn't been all work, I have had a few fun nights out. Dressed as Minnie Mouse for a miniature fancy dress night. Basically false lashes, a black nose, ears and a bright pink top from Dorothy Perkin's. Also a few nights out with work girls including a lap dance in Revs after I drank far too many free cocktails. I also turned 23, but that was a pretty none event.

- Moving into halls for the summer from the 11th, first time I have lived alone in a year so that is going to be an adventure. I am going to have to learn to cook more than scrambled egg anyway.

Zoey xox

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  1. Ohh I don't know...I'd say if you can cook scrambled egg your doing ok!