07 June 2011

Got a water bottle of whiskey in my handbag

Lot's of people are finishing exams this time of year and all of those that are 18 will be enjoying a drink or 25. Bring on the 14th June, I do finish earlier but work is in the way of me celebrating! So here are a few of my favourite pitchers / pre drinks.

Jack Apple Discovered in a fish bowl competition in work, is based on a cocktail but makes a good pitcher to share.  
2 shots Apple Sourz, 2 shots of JD, top with lemonade and lots of ice in a nice big pitcher.

Lambrini Punch This is the ultimate pre-drinking jug and also makes you look amazing chavvy if you appear at a house party with this concoction, especially Happy Shopper Cherryade.
A bottle of lambrini, some vodka (depends how drunk you want to be) and topped with cherryade. 

Skittles Vodka The first time I made skittles vodka it just turned out to be a brown mess, it did taste nice though. I have since learnt to separate out the colours so you end up with a selection of vodkas in different colours. Obviously sieve before drinking as the colourless skittles left in the bottom might cause you to be sick when drunk. 'Errr there is a lump in my vodka'
Separate the skittles into colours - you will probably need a few big packets - and place in different bottles. Either use new bottles or old vodka bottles that still have the lids. Then divide the vodka between the bottles. Shove in the fridge or freezer and drink a few days later!

Now must stop dreaming about alcohol and do some revision. Hurry up 14th June, I have coke cans to put in my hair. Wonder who I'm dressing up as!

Zoey xox


  1. Aw I do love a good cocktail, lovin a Buck on the Beach cocktail lol vodka, peach schnapps, buckfast, oj and cranberry yum!

  2. Love the Lambrini Punch - that is definitely getting made at my next gathering. I'll also leave the Happy Shopper Cherryade bottle out for everyone to appreciate!