22 April 2011

Play Crack The Sky

After playing around with WAH inspired nails, leopard of course being my favourite, 'bare' nails just look weird to me. This is why I like crackle / shatter top coats. I haven't had enough money to buy the Models Own Shatter Top Coats, but to be honest was waiting for the different coloured ones. The Barry M one in Black was my first purchase, but the brush was missing bristles and it never went on smoothly.

I spotted the 17 Crackle Top Coat in Boots a few weeks ago. The formula is thinner than that of the Barry M ones and goes on like your normal nail polish. Just needed one coat of Seche Vite to make the whole thing nice and smooth!

17 Supreme Shine Nail Colour in 'Wave'
17 Gold Crackle Top Coat

Models Own Nail Polish in 'Bubblegum'
17 Gold Crackle Top Coat
Currently I am not meant to be buying make-up or clothes as we are a bit short of cash. But I needed some mascara and a neutral eye shadow as I'm bored of wearing dark eyeliner for work. I didn't manage to buy either from Boots but did spy the Pink Nail Effects from Barry M which of course I had to buy. 
Barry M Nail Effects in Pink
Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruities in 'Lemon Drop'
Excuse my awful awful nails / hands. My hands are incredibly dry right now from being covered in soda, cutting lemons etc. About to drag the boyfriend into town to buy some Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector which my mother uses for her hands - she is a vet so her hands are always very dry. Back to the nails! I love the Nail Effects, can't wait to use it over other shades. It goes on fine, if a little thick. But if you put it on smoothy without painting over the same bit twice you get the above effect.
The Rimmel nail varnish however was useless. It took around 4 coats to get anything close to even coverage, though I do love the colour. It is from Rimmel's range of "I Love Lasting Finish Fruities" nail colours. Each has it's own scent. The 'Lemon Drop' smelt more like banana sweets but did smell better than normal nail varnish. 
I am currently drinking a can of Sugar Free Red Bull for Breakfast, got in from work at 4.30am and have work at 4pm. Woe is me. The beauty of working in the service industry over a bank holiday!
Zoey xox


  1. Love the blue nail polish! I wish I could wear nail polish again. :( xx

  2. Your nails look lovely, great efects polishes. I hardly ever paint my nails.

  3. Oh wow the 17 crackle coat looks amazing, I will definitely be on the hunt for a bottle next time I'm in Boots. I'm glad the formula is thinner, I find the Barry M one so thick and gloopy - it's a bit of a nightmare to apply! Lovely blog by the way, now following! x