13 February 2012

Instagram alternatives for Android

I love my Samsung Galaxy S2, it is so fast and the camera is amazing. As I did when I had a blackberry I hunted for an Instagram alternative and came up with three options.

Pixlr-o-matic - This has many options to pick frames, photo filters and even light effects like bocea. You can't take a photo through the app, instead you apply the filters after you have taken photograph using the native camera app. This is one of my favourites due to the amount of options available to you. And it is free!

Vignette - This app can be used to take a photograph or edit one after. As well as offering the Vignette filter it does have alot more options but is a faff to use.

Camera Zoom FX - This app replaces the camera that is installed as standard on my phone, adds options like being able to touch the screen to take a photograph rather than just the shutter button at the bottom. You can then add ready made filters, complete with a frame such as the polaroid one or just add an effect such as sepia or black and white to a photograph. Very user friendly. It isn't free, but I did acquire it using 4shared. Ahem

Instagram will apparently come to Android soon, it feels like it is more than a photo editing tool but a small community too that none of these options give you. There are a few "photo share" apps but don't have the same mass appeal as Instagram does!

The beautiful puppy is Al,, oh how I wish he was mine.

Zoey xox


  1. I've heard about these apps but can't get them on my nokia. Another one for you to check out is Molome which is very similar to Instagram. (ps. your pup is SO cute!) xxxxx

  2. Great post! Good to hear Instagram is going to Anroid!

  3. Have you tried Streamzoo? It's the best app I"ve found so far and has the tilt shift effect that you can get with Instagram. :)x

  4. i have the last one thanks for the others =] x

  5. Thanks for sharing, glad I found ur blog. :D