28 April 2011


The beautiful weather has made me re-think my "going out" wardrobe. It is full of black floral Motel dresses and black Lace numbers. Also having a sixth of my wardrobe actually up at university with me, due my living arrangements meant getting ready for an impromptu night on on Tuesday harder. I spend my life in black t shirts and leggings for work. Oh how fashionable. In fact we worked until 10pm on Tuesday night and then got our wine on. Ordering a Chinese for dinner only to get two fortune cookies with delightful fortunes. 

Tuesday was a fun night however, ridiculous games of "I have never", getting thrown out of pubs at closing time after ordering 4 pitchers, going back to some random flat until 4.30am and demonstrating how to play Ring of Fire. Back to being a proper student for one night only! Now back to work work work. BOOO.

In the mean time, some online window shopping.

Dresses (L-R) All from Topshop £70 - £36£50

I love the first Topshop dress, however refuse to pay £70 for a dress. I actually have no money to spend on dresses but keep torturing myself with online window shopping. The floral number is an instant favourite for me as it ticks two of my favourite boxes. Floral and an interesting back. The third my boobs would never fit in but I just love the bow.

The shoes are all so predictable for me. I am 5ft 2 so do not see the point in wearing heels that are not massive. And I mean massive. I have never ordered shoes from Chockers but will do when the money situation improves! 

Now, back to watching America's Next Top Model, I loved Jaclyn and her cute voice. I now do not care who wins, they all just enjoy a good cat fight too much.

Zoey xox


  1. These dresses are gorgeous! I want anyone but Alexandria to win ANTM, I really don't like her!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love the middle dress and middle shoes. Cute choices!

  3. All of those shoes are incredible!